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Lanard Sawed-off Handcannon

23 July 2009 - 08:45 PM

I finally have the first scoop on a new blaster! The new Lanard Sawed-Off "Handcannon" Shotgun! It shoots roughly 30-35ft with it's stock darts.

A Link to another Pre-Order Story

The darts aren't a inch in diameter, or even 5/8''. They are 7/8'' and are 3'' long.

Here's the first shots:
Posted Image

Posted Image

That's pretty much all I'm going to post about it's outside. If you want more glam shots then go here

Comparison with other ammo. (Obviously, LHC's on top, Maverick's middle, and a Stefan last)
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Also, I found this mark on both sides of the shell... I donno what it is, but it looks like sharpie.

Posted Image

*I do not intend this thread to be a modding thread, but rather a introduction thread. Other people with the brother Shotgun to this (the one with the 12-dart turret) and the Shell Shock X-6 are welcome to post theirs in this thread also*

Supermaxx 1.5k Removable Cpvc Turret

01 March 2009 - 02:04 PM

This is NOT a complete mod of the SuperMaxx 1.5k, I modify all my blasters within 6 hours of bringing them home so all my Super Maxx 1.5k's have been modified long ago, but two of them are without barrels. I decided to come up with a new, repeatable way to barrel them like my first SM1.5k. But in the end, this way turned out even BETTER than my original SM1.5k.

If you are DYING to know what I did to the insides, I plugged the pump with hot glue, and took off air tank's trigger spring. I also flipped upside down the pump handle, because it feels better this way.

2ft of 1/2'' CPVC (That makes 4 6'' barrels, I try to use CPVC that is thinner inside)
6'' of 1/2'' PVC (I have a full 1' because I just bought some more) (TRY to find some that fits 1/2'' CPVC inside of it)
Super Glue
Pipe Cutter
Dremel (Not needed if you can find 1/2'' PVC that fits 1/2'' CPVC inside of it) ALTERNATIVELY A power drill, a 5/8'' Spade bit, and a clamp
1 SuperMaxx 1500 with the old barrels removed.

Posted Image
(Ignore the plumbers goop, it's not needed.)

Step 1: Cut the PVC. 6'' CPVC barrels work well for me you can choose longer if you want. I cut 1.5'' sections of 1/2'' PVC. I highly suggest using a pipe cutter, sooooooooo much easier!
Posted Image

Step 2: Skip this if you found 1/2'' PVC that fits CPVC perfectly inside it, take the Dremel and this sand bit, and sand out the insides of the PVC to fit CPVC inside of it like so:
Posted Image

If you have a power drill, the 5/8'' spade bit and a clamp, you can use that to bore out the 1/2'' PVC.

Step 3: Now carefully glue the 1/2'' PVC onto the turret. Do it one by one and get it as streight as you can. I stood the blaster up while I did it.
Posted Image

At first I tried using the black barrel holder to help stablize the 1/2'' PVC pieces, but the glue kept glueing that to the gun too.
Posted Image

Step 4: Cut a 2'' section of CPVC (I used thicker CPVC I accidently bought and don't use for barrels) and carefully glue it to all four barrels. Try to glue away from where the barrels go into the 1/2'' PVC because mine kept getting glued to them.
Posted Image

Let the glue dry and have fun! I suggest reinforcing the barrels with epoxy putty or what not. I'm going to do it soon myself.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Here is a video of me loading, pumping, and shooting it with one hand. (I couldn't be bothered to get my brother to help me)

This is actually my first ever Youtube video..


Prototype Air Powered Longshot

23 December 2008 - 12:26 AM

The Prototype Air Powered Longshot. In general, the internals consist of a Big Salvo air tank, a Hornet blast button, 1/4'' OD Vinyl Tubing, and a Nightfinder plunger chamber capped with the Hornet's extra check valve.

Posted Image

BACKSTORY/IDEA (If you don't give a care about how or why I came up with this crazy idea, then skip this section)

Ever since I got my Longshot I've been messing around with it's internals... it was all going pretty well until.. my bolt sled snapped. I tried to repair it but it wasn't working. It was because I didn't properly JB weld it togeather, so it was under constant strain even when I wasn't firing my gun... I fixed it temporarly using Ice's no-boltsled method. But I was not satsified with that.

So I have been having ideas of making the longshot into a compressed air gun for awhile. I first thought about using a AT2k or SM1.5k air tank, but that wouldn't work because I wanted the air tank to move with the bolt sled for POSSIBLE usage with clips. Though I never intended this first prototype to use clips, mainly because I have no way of replicating the parts needed that I screwed up. ;) But I wanted to make this idea so you could adapt it to use clips eventually. So I thought about my lone BS airtank that was lonely in my parts bin, the airtank I chose NOT to include into my Maverlous salvo. At first I thought about putting it into the LS plunger tube, because I found that it fit inside nicely. But then I didn't want to scraifice ANOTHER LS part, so I decided to work without it.

So I got the air tank... but what about the trigger and air pump? I definetly was not going to use my SMDTG trigger for a single airtank gun, and I recently have torn apart my Hornet's internals to get at the nice complex bits and I was able to get the extra check valve and 3 blast triggers from it. Those hornet triggers are what make it all possible.


Please, only do this mod if you have alot of time to kill and have a Longshot, and/or a dissassembled Hornet and/or the crazies like I have. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Ok, so here's the overview of the internals of the beast:

Posted Image

As you can see from left to right, the CPVC coupler connecting the air tank to the barrel, the NF pump, extra tubing I had to buy to connect the pump to the trigger, the Big Salvo air tank, and the trigger itself.

I REALLY wish I got pictures of how I constructed the NF plunger-pump. Basically I had this NF plunger that was beyond repair, I rather not talk about it, and I had a extra plunger chamber to go with it. I found out that with one of the NF's plunger tube head rings the Hornet's extra check valve, which I REALLY wish I got a pic of it alone. It's the check valve in between the Hornet's pump and the firing control system in the front. So I gooped it all togeather and it's been working wonderfully as pump.

I drilled the back of the plunger rod to accept the orange LS stick-cocker thing I forget the name of.

Posted Image

Crap, that pic turned out worse than I expected... anyways. That's the plunger I am using. You can almost see the hole in the back..

I'll finish the rest of this later..

*Explain why the hose sticks out the back/top*

*Explain the Hornet's Blast Trigger Dohicky, and also how you don't know why it works*


The NF-Pump isn't working as well ergonomically as I hoped. It's REALLY annoying to pump FORWARDS instead of the normal BACKWARDS. Plus you really have to use two hands for it also. A better idea would be to use a regular-style pump in the front which would also free up the magazine well for magazine usage.

I have NOT been able to get accurate ranges, I haven't even been outside with this gun yet. But it's definetly not war worthy yet. If it ever will is yet to be seen also.. but I'm optimistic. It does clear 30' decently.

DIFFICULTY : You have to be INSANE to try this. Like me.

Help With Goop

22 December 2008 - 11:36 AM

Ok, so those at DCNO saw my Super Salvo. (Supermaxx 1.5k + Marvelous Salvo) Well, near the end of the day the hot glue keeping the Marvelous Salvo on was finally breaking down (I blame the rain) and the only thing keeping them on was the zip ties I had on it. Soooo when I got home and dried it off, I gooped the HELL out of the 2 chambers that were on the left side.. now I want them off. I've tried all sorts of things. Prying them off with the reverse side of a hammer, using my hands... nothing is working. I DON'T want to damage the airtanks. I just want them off. :wacko:

I haven't tried using a hair dryer on high to heat up the goop, I didn't think it'll work so I haven't tried it yet. But I'm all out of ideas. I'm going to try to take a flat head to goop I can get to right now, but it seems to have bonded directly to the plastic. >.<

Why Hasn't Somebody Thought Of This Before?

05 December 2008 - 10:32 AM

After my recent projects with AT2k's and dealing with big-salvo air systems, and then seeing rork's recent air blaster, it got me thinking... Why can't I make my own AT2k airtank? I know we ALL hate idea threads, but I also know that compressed air is not something sneeze as because it has a tendency to explode if not done properly, so I wanted to submit this idea before I went out and bought the parts. (Because I'm poor and can't keep a locker full a new parts :lol: ) And I WILL go out and make this after other people weigh in on this idea, and/or deem it safe.

Posted Image

I have actually not taken into account a nub that needs to be at the end of the rod which will push the front washers back when you pull the rod - because I DON'T know what that nub should be yet. I also didn't take into account a hole for the pump because that hole can be ANYWHERE.

Also the specifics need to be flushed out, like what size rod, what size washers and etc. but what I want to know is if this idea is feasible. I intend on glueing togeather the Endcap and the Plug with Plumber's Goop, even without glue if you hammer the two togeather it's very hard to get them apart. So I assume after I hammer them togeather AND goop them, nothing will get them apart much less a little air pressure.

This idea seems TOO simple. I've tried searching but I probably missed something.