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#344920 BOOMco Dynamag glory

Posted by Zombona on 10 February 2015 - 10:04 AM

I do all my stuff in Imgur so it is easier to post it to multiple places.

After picking up a Rapid Madness I sort of fell in love with BOOMco. The only thing that the line was missing was a clip fed manual prime.
Enter the Dynamag.
This blaster has one major flaw that would render it useless in a real game. The larger clips would slip and skip. The clips are loaded from the top and advance downward (in the direction of gravity) as the blaster is primmed. The larger and heavier clips (20rd and 40rd) would regularly skip barrels and cause it to be quite unreliable. It still fired every time it just missed some darts. (EX: Fire one dart, prime and it would skip 2-6 darts based on clip size, then fire the next dart on the line).

This was something I thought I could fix.
(This album is also a photo dump for the internals as well as highlighting a lock you can remove.)

Alright so that didn't work. The next day I went back for more after some community feedback and tried something new.

Stronger springs on the nubs that hold the clip in place.

Woo-Hoo, success!
With the modification complete I can use any clip size I want.
I do however recommend not using the 40rd clips.

Dynamag clip size compare and why you should not use 40rd clips.
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