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In Topic: How much can the stock Stryfe motors take?

01 February 2017 - 01:38 PM

Brushed motors, such as the type installed in a stock Stryfe always "burnout." Their commutators/brushes wear away and/or their bearings fail and they become useless. When upping the voltage and current sent to them, you will inherently reduce their lifespan.


So by using 2 or more Lithium (polymer or ion) cells, you will reduce the motors' life. By how much is pretty much speculation, but logic says you'll get shorter life the higher voltages you use.

Actually, ALL motors eventually fail, they just have different fail modes.  Brushless motors can still have bushings/bearings fail, and vibrations will still work harden the thin wire used in the windings causing them to break at the commutator.  

As for the OP's question, you are going to have to deal with the motors burning out eventually either way with a voltage upgrade, it is inevitable.  The stock motors use flimsy metal brushes that will fail much more rapidly as the voltage is ramped up.  If you want to hold this off, I wouldnt go over 2 cells (about 8 volts fully charged) from IMRs or a lipo.  This is a minor upgrade though, and wouldnt give you the performance you would likely see from better carbon brushed motors (even at a lover voltage).

In Topic: Second new worker thing that I have found on ebay

03 November 2015 - 07:52 AM

No. Nobody on a MODDING FORUM should be recommending that someone pay $15 for a kit that they could do themselves for a way cheaper length of CPVC and some elbow grease. This is a cool product, especially for noobs, but we should be teaching noobs how to mod, not how to pay for a pre-made part and install it. (Not that I'm knocking aftermarket parts, but I think that there are some like the Pak-D clips that are worthwhile and some like this that are just lazy).

You know some people want to be able to use mega darts in their mega blasters and not just elites. Its nice to have a mod that allows you to go back and forth.

In Topic: Hasbro's Homemades: A look at prototypes from the Nerf design team

14 August 2015 - 09:13 AM

Am I the only one looking at the elite styled hammershot and wishing they would actually make it? It looks like the perfect cross between the hammershot and the sweet revenge.

In Topic: Why is xplorer so expensive!?!

04 April 2015 - 10:26 PM

I went on to the explorer site to look for a few things and everything seems so overpriced! What is the deal?

First make sure its on usd for pricing, but honestly even then its still high compared to the alternatives. I wish I could tell you why but honestly I think its just that the Singapore market thinks they can get that much. Depending what you want from them I would look for stateside alternatives (Or Oz Nerf Nerds stuff, its pretty reasonable).

In Topic: Nerf mega spring mod

12 March 2015 - 07:18 AM

Hi to the people on the modification forum. This is my first topic I have ever posted so please tell me anything I have done wrong or could've done better. Ok on to the question. I am new to modding and would like to be able to spring mod blisters. The blasters I want to start with are the nerf strongarm, nerf mega Magnus and nerf mega cyclone shock. Both mega blasters do not have springs listed on the Orange mod works website. I am in australia so don't suggest going to lowes to get a spring or any American store for that fact. Which springs from omw would work with those 2 blasters.
I also hope this topic helps others who want to mod mega guns.

Honestly I wouldn't recommend omw at all. They are very inconsistent as of late.

Oznerfnerd does sell some great upgrade kits, but I'm not seeing any for the blasters you mentioned. If I can't personally find a designed spring for a blaster I want to mod my first step is to pull the spring and head to my local hardware store. Once there I'll look through their compression springs for a comparable size and test by hand its strength. You can use a hacksaw to cut them down to size if they are too long, but remember that the springs compressed length can affect whether the blaster will be able to catch. Lastly, if you have a much beefier spring, make sure that you are also buying an improved catch spring, otherwise the blaster will never catch.