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the secret oprv on the air max blasters.

30 August 2013 - 11:24 PM

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Hey everyone! Above is a picture of the area where the secret oprv's are located on the air max blasters.
The connection from the plastic to the tank just needs to be degreased and superglued in place. (Make sure its super airtight!)

The other oprv is incredibly well hidden I give mad props to buzzbee for coming up with this. But it is basically at the connection point of the blast button to that stupid tubing substitution piece. There should be a little notch that is incredibly hard to notice. basically what you want to do is coat that whole connection in superglue and then wrap it in epoxy putty for extra sealing. We don't want any leaks!

That's basically it besides the obvious one in the pump.
I hope this helped you guys out!

n-strike clip fed electric eel.

28 August 2013 - 08:19 PM

Here is my personal electric eel I just finished it about 30 minutes ago.
This isn't really a write-up but this should explain really everything you would need to know about the blaster.
Here it is unopened.
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And here it is opened.
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So it basically uses a breech made from an airtech 2000 pump. and it is connected directly to the plunger tube via super glue and epoxy putty as shown here.
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(Sorry about that last picture being mainly about the plunger tube)
Anyways the breech itself is (as I said earlier) a 2k pump with 6 or so inches of cpvc. The 2k pump has a slot in the top for the stopper to make sure that the cpvc doesn't fly out. It also has epoxy putty guides to help hold the clip in place. as seen here.
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And here.
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The blaster also uses a cut down EaB spring.
Beige foam single daisy bb glue dome.(made by bobo) 45'
#6 washer pool noodle foam slug.42'-43'ish
Double bb pool noodle foam glue dome. 36'
Single bb pool noodle foam glue dome 42'
Streamline dart slightly worn down 36'
Elite dart also slightly worn down 41'
(Pool noodle foam darts were cut with 9/16ths brass so they have a push to twist fit in cpvc.)