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Sharpshooter II micro-dart adapter low cost, quick deadspace removal.

31 December 2013 - 11:43 AM

I'd like to apologize for the quality of these photos. I blame those accursed compact fluorescent light bulbs.

So I was going through my darts and found a suction dart that was in rough shape. Instead of throwing it out, I got the idea of using it to plug the dead space in my Sharpshooter II micro-dart adapters. I found out about the PVC adapter method from Lord Draconial on Youtube in this video.

I didn't want to permanently rebarrel this blaster like most do because I wanted to track down some decent quality Mega Darts (not the new ones) or make homemades of about the same size and make an easy switch between the two or run one barrel for Megas and one for streamlines (though, I find this blaster LOVES stock Sonic Darts.)

-1/2" PVC pipe
-Electrical tape
-Sacrificial dart
-Placeholder dart (CAUTION: If you aren't careful, you will get glue on this dart)
-Super glue or your choice of adhesive.

Time: Actual working time might be a minute or two. Overall time based on choice of adhesive.

First step was to fit the placeholder dart in, then the sacrificial dart so that the right length of the sacrificial dart would stay on the barrel.
Posted Image

After the right length of sacrificial dart is found, pull the sacrificial dart out, apply a ring of adhesive around the end of it. Place the dart back in until it meets your placeholder dart. Twist the sacrificial dart around to get optimal distribution of glue before removing the placeholder dart. I found out the hard way that if you pull the placeholder dart first, you might accidentally push the sacrificial dart in a little more. Darts on my top barrel stick out a little, might redo this barrel later...

Posted Image

Stand the barrel adapter up and allow the sacrificial dart to sit until the adhesive has dried/hardened enough that you feel confident enough to cut the excess off without messing up its placement. There should be more than enough of your sacrificial dart left over to get the second barrel adapter.

Posted Image

End result:
Posted Image Posted Image

If these pictures are not sufficient due to my terrible lighting, I will see if I can do mockups of these steps with some better/real light sources.

Edit: Spelling corrections.

Nerf Rayven shoulder cannon mod?

14 June 2013 - 09:27 PM

If my interpretation of the rules are correct, the "Modifications" board is for already finished projects, so I would assume this is where I bring discussion threads for ideas like this. If I am wrong, could this topic be moved to the appropriate area?

Anyways, I'm working on a set of ideas that will allow someone to carry several electric Nerf blasters at a time. Reloading won't be fun, but the amount of darts flying around mean no one will be around to see you reload.

The first idea I'm going to work on is a shoulder mounted blaster. The idea is to take a Nerf Rayven, turn it upside down and attach it to a some kind of adjustable clamp to make it a shoulder mounted weapon. From there, remove the trigger and replace it with a motorized remote trigger that could be activated at the hand while holding another Nerf blaster. The wiring would run down the mounting clamp, across the back and down the arm to a glove that would have a pair of metal contacts to complete the circuit on that motor.

The shoulder mount would be adjustable and sturdy enough that it not flail around while walking and, optimistically, running or dodging fire. This would serve to allow you to set its firing position by grabbing the top handle of the Rayven (now at the bottom) and have it stay where you left it so you can fire it while firing another blaster in your hands. Or you can keep your grip on the handle to aim it more carefully. I was also thinking of building a narrow window LED (probably a 2 degree lens) into the Rayven to give it a targeting light without putting an actual laser pointer in and potentially damaging people's eyes.

My plans regarding the shoulder mount are to find something that I can attach to piece of sheet plastic that will become a piece of armor on the back. I've looked at one idea so far, but I'm not sure how stable and adjustable these are I only saw them on the way out of Home Depot.

The Rayven was planned to be cut down a little so the real trigger and grip wouldn't be there since they would no longer serve a purpose.

I figured I would post here to see if anyone else has thought about this before and could share their thoughts on it.

Portable electric air cannon

23 February 2013 - 11:38 AM

EDIT: Shoot, misread the New Member guide and thought this is where I would post this... My mistake. If a mod can just move this thread to the right category, I would appreciate it very much.

Hello, I've been working on a design for a while now and I needed to find a few pieces of information before I can start building this. I figured I would turn to you guys for answers.

What I thought of trying to do was use the Nerf Titan Mega Missile as the projectile for something else or at least creating a projectile close to it in dimensions. I wanted this to be carried the same manner as a heavy weapon from a certain game and it would behave similarly with the charge up time and firing a large projectile (the Forge Gun from the Dust 514 beta if any of you know what I'm talking about)

The concept is basically a PVC air cannon with a battery powered air compressor attached to it and a 12V solenoid wired up to the trigger. I'm also going to add a pressure regulator to prevent it from being overcharged to a point where it could hurt someone at the intended range and a second safety valve that will prevent it from reaching pressure that could seriously damage the air tank.

Design concept(Image)

Some of the parts don't look anything like what they're supposed to because I didn't know what they looked like at the time I made this. I'm working on an updated model and I will post it as soon as I think it's done. As I figure out what I'm going to order, the updated versions will slowly be to scale and more like the actual parts.

What I am uncertain about is how much power this thing should have/will need. I'm trying to find out the mass and size of my projectile so I know how much pressure is needed in the air tank and how big of an air tank I will actually need to provide that pressure long enough to provide the projectile with enough acceleration. Theoretically, I could build this now (minus shipping times for parts,) but I fear I would make it either too strong to the point where it's not safe to fire on anything or lack the power to fire the intended projectile effectively if at all.

I'm also a little worried that the air pump I bought for it might be a little weak, but I won't know until I get the cannon assembled. I might be able to counteract this by using a smaller tank, but that means I might be giving up some firing power as well.

And I do have an external shell planned for this, but I'm going to wait until I have this design closer to being finalized before I actually start to design it.

What I was hoping to find out from you guys were the following:
-Mega Missile inside diameter and length (to figure out the barrel dimensions, I'm also going to base my homemade projectiles on this if possible)
-Mega Missile weight (to figure out the optimal firing pressure)
-Confirmation that the Nerf Titan's optimal recommended firing pressure is ~35 PSI. I read it on this forum, but I wanted to make sure that what I read was correct before I take it into consideration.

With this information I should be able to figure out the rest on my own. I can calculate some of this stuff, but I need a few unknowns cleared out.

My primary concern with this is safety, I want this to be able to fire at people without seriously hurting them unless they're being stupid (i.e. close range with a Titan.)

A few minutes before I started typing this post up, I won a Nerf Titan on Ebay, but it probably won't be shipped out until Monday at the earliest.