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HammerShot Mod Guide

26 August 2013 - 07:54 PM

As the title and description says this mod guide will be removing the air restricter and barrel post and will also increase the compression on the spring to achieve full compression.


Small Screwdriver
Drill and Drill Bits OR Hammer and Large Screwdriver
Hot Glue Gun and Hot Glue OR Epoxy Putty
Dremel OR Small Wire Cutters

Estimated Mod Time- 30-45 minutes


Begin with your blaster and remove the 12 body screws

Posted Image

Next Remove the 3 screws on the white plate over the trigger

Posted Image

Barrel Post Removal

Wiggle the turret out of the the shell

Posted Image

Next take your Dremel or Wire Cutters and cut out the barrel posts from the back

Posted Image

Air Restrictor Removal

Next remove the rest of the internals from the shell and take of the trigger, trigger spring, trigger pin, main spring, plunger assembly, and plunger assembly pin. After that you should have the rotation bar, the rear turret support, plunger tube, and the internal's frame.

Posted Image

Take your drill or Dremel and remove the air restriction so you have a clean plunger tube

Posted Image

Posted Image

Increase Spring Tension

Before I begin this section I would like to give credit to Green Wing from Nerf Revolution did this on his beserker overhaul

For this next portion you will need your plunger assembly, main spring, and your hot glue gun or epoxy putty. The spring should be about an 1/8 in away from the spring rest.

Posted Image

Regrease the plunger head and reassemble the blaster using the pictures from the beginning of the mod guide.


Final Thoughts

I am impressed at how much more visible power I can see from the stock condition of this blaster. I don't believe that the O-Ring needed any increase in seal but it could be done. There is one down side to the increase in spring power it is harder to pull down on the hammer but not too much to manage.

More Possible Mods

*Brass Barrel
*Increase Plunger to Turret Seal
*Tape under O-Ring


10 Shots were taken with ZombieStrike darts at shoulder height and flat. I am 6'3" to give you an idea of what shoulder height is.

Low-40 ft
Mid-55 ft
High-70 ft

Comment and Questions are welcome

Stampede Trouble

22 January 2013 - 10:33 PM

After modding my stampede, I ran into the issue of the breech not moving the whole way forward. I can push the breech forward to the point of it firing then it will return to the starting point. The mods that I have done are: AR removed, OMW spring, lock removal, and 18v of power. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sealing Nerf Tubing

11 November 2012 - 09:36 PM

When trying to seal the tubing to the pressure gage that I cut from a Titan, it always has an air leak no matter the sealing method. I have tried filling it with goop, but it just popped the goop. I have also tried melting the tube to its self, but that popped too. I desperately need someone's help to fix this because I want to have a nice rocket launcher. Thank you.