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In Topic: Do you still use Nerf when you nerf?

11 October 2012 - 01:28 PM

philly area war hosted on NH, it would probably be a good idea to have something you can put a hopper on. If you're doing HvZ or playing with your friends or whatever, you have different needs.

OK. So modifying a stampede or longshot or volting up a flywheel like a rayven/nitron is not going to be cutting it in Philly?

In Topic: Do you still use Nerf when you nerf?

11 October 2012 - 11:26 AM

This is a borderline thread necro, since the last post before yours was months ago, but I'll let it slide. At most of the wars organized on this site, homemade nerf blasters are at least present on the field. If even a few people are using them, then you have people shooting 100+ feet out of hoppers which means that almost no nerf brand blasters will be able to complete range wise, no matter how well they are modded. This escalation depends largely on what ammo is allowed in a given area, and there are some areas where people are content to use a nitefinder or an alpha trooper when there are hoppered pumpbows on the field, but in my area this is generally not the case.

Edit: only 43.62% of the people who answered the poll selected an option that implied that they do not currently use a nerf brand blaster for their primary. In other words there are only about 6 more people using off brand blasters or homemades than not. I think the "Still using one" option is somewhat inflated because there are some people who gave that answer who I know for a fact use off-brand or homemade blasters at least half the time, and there are others who should have picked the last option "I don't go to outdoor wars organized on NH" but didn't.

I suppose I will proceed as planned then.

Thanks for the reply. I was afraid if I started a new thread it would qualify as "which gun is better" so I thought it might be better to sort of necro a thread where the subject remained within context that at least was from within the past 6 months.

In Topic: Do you still use Nerf when you nerf?

09 October 2012 - 02:48 PM

I am not sure if I am allowed to ask a question like this here, but I am honestly tired of tip toeing around for fear of ban hammer or something on my first post...

Is Nerf really so outdone by the competitors now?

I am just jumping back on the dart gun hobby and I just assumed Nerf was always the best. I never even bothered looking at the cheaper brands like buzz bee, always assumed they were crap after owning two that were just a joke long ago. Is it just a waste of time for me to modify nerf brand guns? I purchased a few here recently including the pyragon disc gun and the stampede. I quite like this vortex thing but is it really considered so sub par? I planned on modifying this and my rayven within the month. Even had a plan for reproducing my own vortex discs.

Is it all about homemade and pump tanks now or something? Am I just wasting my time (and money)?