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Archive Project: Nerf Modding

18 August 2017 - 10:15 PM

Hello Everyone. So I just assembled a new server and Its got a few terabytes free that Im not curretly using. So I'm planning to Archive important Nerf Modding data (YT Channels/Videos, Forums, Photos, etc...). I've been around this community for a long time (around the time you could buy Gen 1 longshots in stores) and I'd like to see it continue in the future. (Also Im a big data hoarder and I do these type of things alot.)


Why Am I doing this?


In case for some reason certain members of the nic want to delete their old videos or if a forum goes down I'd like to have a backup for this fine community.


How Can I help?


Leave a reply with what videos or sites You'd like to see backed-up. I Make a list of what I currently have done and what I plan to add. (Links Help)



Current List:








          -Death By Foam















               -Captain Slug (Nerf Videos)

               -Captain Xavier


               -Forsaken Angel 24 (Nerf Videos)



               -KND Operative (Nerf Videos)

               -Lord Draconical

               -Make It Go

               -Make Test Battle

               -Mostly Harmless Arms


               -Orange Mod Works



               -SG Nerf


               -Tiger Foam

               -Uin13 (Nerf Videos)



Anyone in the Albany NY ish area?

16 May 2016 - 11:39 PM

Hey guys, I've been on and off the nerf scene for many years now and mostly knew people in person rather than thru the NIC. So just kinda wondering who's out in the Albany, New York area and would maybe interested in having a war out here.