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#353219 Homemade Crazy, Complex, and Pointless Designs

Posted by Langley on 03 May 2016 - 12:54 PM


Step 2.1 is that the idea should not be dangerous, or depend on dream logic or comic book physics to work. Added based on a firecracker powered nerf grenade thread I found while researching this guide.

If the ideas are 'pointless' why would you want to post them?
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#353149 Question about denser foam?

Posted by Langley on 29 April 2016 - 01:49 PM

When people say the foam is denser they are probably talking about how stiff the foam feels.  Stiffer foam holds it's shape better, so it is less likely to jam or fishtail, and easier to push into a tight barrel when rear-loading.  It usually forms a better bond with glue and is more durable overall.  Foam that feels squishy is generally considered cheap crap.  It's all fairly subjective, but it's something to consider when you're buying darts or picking out foam to make homemade darts from.

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#352907 Thursday Night Chatroom Discussion: Upcoming Nerf Wars and Gametypes

Posted by Langley on 21 April 2016 - 12:12 AM

When: 11PM EST on Thursday April 21st
Where: #NerfHaven IRC Channel on irc.Darkmyst.org
We're going to try something new and have a live discussion in the IRC channel about upcoming wars and gametypes. I'd like to hear about what kind of rounds people play in other parts of the US, or overseas.  We'll also be talking about upcoming wars, and pretty much anything else that comes up.  If this works out, we'll probably start doing it every other week.

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#352901 Koosh Vortex Tornado Scans (Now a shell replica concept thread)

Posted by Langley on 20 April 2016 - 08:54 PM

I have a recon shell in my homemades toolbag that is exclusively for tracing onto wood for handles.  I never understood the love for the maverick handle, the bumps never quite line up with my fingers.

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#351973 Merf.co darts

Posted by Langley on 03 March 2016 - 05:04 AM

 your seeing it as it Happens


Years from now my grandchildren will ask me, "Papa Langley, what was it like when Merf.co darts happened?"   "Well, children, I was right there to see it all unfold. And I have no goddamn idea."

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#351895 Announcing the winners of the 2015 Mod Contest

Posted by Langley on 29 February 2016 - 02:55 PM

After the submission deadline, we realized that we had not received enough entries to the Flywheel and Airgun categories, so we reorganized the contest around Superstock and DIY Class (NIC) categories. Entries were divided up between blasters which fire stock darts and blasters which fire homemade ammo.  Where the category was ambiguous, the Contestants were consulted and chose the category they felt best fit their entry.

1st Place - DIY Class
FlyingChicken's Blastzooka/Crossfire Integration
The Buzz Bee Blastzooka has taken the place of other high powered airguns on store shelves, and Chicken's guide combines it with the Nerf Crossfire Bow, giving it a much needed handle and trigger. Chicken also provides a novel select-fire lever which allows you to choose between routing the blastzooka to an RSCB magazine or the Crossfire's original smart AR system. In addition to being the most creative entry in this contest, this is easily the best NIC primary we've seen in a long time, outside of the homemades forum.

1st Place - Superstock
Mag212's Minimized Rapidstrike
A great entry from one of our newer members, Mag212 provides a comprehensive guide to minimizing and rewiring a Rapidstrike, with optional steps for attaching a stock adapter. The writeup concludes with a video demonstrating performance increase and clean structural changes.

Honorable Mention
Shanti's Firestrike^2
This mod was one of our favorites. Shanti's guide adds the barrel assembly from a Doubleshot to the more powerful Firestrike, increasing the Firestrike's rate of fire at the cost of a few feet of range. Overall, the judges loved this modification for it's originality, but we felt that there are other blasters readily available which provide the same power and rate of fire out of the box, making this mod mostly of use to people who already have these two blasters on hand.

Member's Choice
Snoop Doggy doge's VanGrip Retaliator
If you want to make your Retaliator pump-action but don't want to order expensive kits from sketchy Chinese websites, you can re-purpose an old Recon shell or a broken Retaliator to make your own pump-kit. This writeup was voted #1 among the Superstock entries in a poll of NerfHaven members, and was ranked 2nd by the contest judges.

Butthurt Award
Coop's Retaliator
If you don't want to bother with doing any real work, and you'd prefer to just order a bunch of kits online, this guide is a solid alternative to the VanGrip. But what I really want to talk about is Coop's earlier contest entry.

Back in 2013, Coop submitted the "Strayven" to that year's mod contest, and although that mod became one of the most frequently reproduced by new nerfers and fans of youtube celebrities, the judges felt that hacking up a perfectly good Rayven just for it's stock and epoxying it to a Stryfe might be asking too much of people who are new to the hobby. Ultimately that mod didn't make it into the top three, and Coop's been crying into his giant pile of Youtube partner cash ever since. In all fairness, the writeup is a great guide to modding the Stryfe and the Strongarm, whether you do the shell modifications or not, and Coop deserves some recognition for that.

So in honor of his previous contributions, and in recognition of his willingness to submit a snarky and sarcastic mod guide just to make a point, we present Coop with the Butthurt Award. Maybe he can use the bandanna and wristband to scrape some of the sand out of his vagina.

I would like to thank everyone who submitted an entry for your efforts as well as your patience in waiting for the results. We received a lot of mod guides and writeups and although there were some quality isssues in a few of them, they were all valuable contributions to NerfHaven's library. Before the end of the week, I'll make a post providing some feedback to all the remaining entries.

To to the five members who submitted the entries above, please send me a Private Message with your contact info so I can ship you your prize packs.

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#351894 Announcing the winners of the 2015 Mod Contest

Posted by Langley on 29 February 2016 - 02:53 PM


We've tallied the votes from the Judges and NerfHaven Members and the results are in. Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Mod Contest.
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#351346 If you're bored...

Posted by Langley on 04 February 2016 - 04:43 PM

I am only here to watch, as to see what you smart people create may give me an idea that I will actually perform myself.

Unless you plan to actually do something, like award a prize, or participate in the 'challenge', I'm going to categorize this as a zero effort no-content post.  In the future, if you plant to post something like this, you have to at least kick it off with your own submission. 

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#351299 What to do about Broken Images. Also, Fuck Imageshack

Posted by Langley on 02 February 2016 - 09:15 PM

In the top right corner of every topic, next to the 'Post Reply' button, you should now see a link that says 'Image Archive'.  In threads where images are linked from another site, such as imageshack or photobucket, this link will lead to a directory of images which were saved by the automatic image archiving script.  This script ran from April 2015 until November 2015 when the site was upgraded and it become possible to upload images directly to NerfHaven.  Unfortunately, any embedded image that has been broken since before April 2015 or was posted after November 2015 will not appear in that list. 


Due to a change in Imageshack's policy, pretty much all images linked from there will now be broken.  I am working on a solution that will seek out these image links in old posts and replace them, but it may be some time before I get around to completing it.  In the meantime, just click the "Image Archive" link and open the images manually.  Thanks for your patience. 

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#351002 In Need of Help with Setting Up Wars

Posted by Langley on 21 January 2016 - 11:55 AM

We had a thread on waivers not that long ago.  This is what I said there:

I'm not a lawyer.

If you're having the event on public property, like a park, I wouldn't bother with waivers. Waivers signed by minors or their parents are rarely enforced in criminal cases. If a bunch of people show up in a park with their own blasters, and someone gets shot in the eye, you're just the guy who told everyone the time and the date to show up. But if you hand out waivers you're automatically the person in charge, and on some level you're taking responsibility for what goes on.


As far as safety, I typically require eye protection for all players and anyone under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.  I require slug style darts with no exposed metal, and ask people not to use poorly made darts if I see them.  I don't allow homemade air guns, modified water guns, singled titans or anything else that's too overpowered.  If you encounter the police, tell everyone to stop playing, and put your blasters down on the ground.  Act friendly and polite, and have a brightly colored stock dart in your pocket to show them.  Stay the hell away from bystanders and stop the game if someone gets too close.  I think that pretty much covers it.


Good luck with your war!

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#350553 Vote in the Primaries (even if you're 17)

Posted by Langley on 06 January 2016 - 01:21 PM

Yes, even if you are 17, if you will turn 18 before the general election on November 8th you may be able to vote in your state's primary election, which will determine which candidates from each party will be included on the final ballot in November.  See FairVote.org for information about 17 year old voting in your state.  In order to vote in a primary election, you must be registered to vote and you may need to be affiliated with the party who's primary you wish to vote in.  That depends on whether the primary is 'open' or 'closed' or somewhere in between*.  This page on FairVote.org has info about each state's requirements. If your state's primary is closed, you may need to register your party affiliation before a deadline in order to participate.  The primaries in several states are coming up fast, which means deadlines to register are approaching even faster.


The primaries are dominated by older voters, and younger voters are often frustrated with the choices they are presented with when it comes time for the general election in November.  This is your chance to change that, and make a real impact in the upcoming election.  This is an important time regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, as there are potentially huge changes ahead for both parties depending on the outcome of the primaries.  Register now, and vote in your primary, or you'll be choosing between a giant douche and a turd sandwich in November, and you'll have no one to blame but yourself.


*For example, in New Jersey where I live, the primaries are closed, but if you are unaffiliated you can register on the day of the primary.  You can also change your affiliation up to 90 days prior to the primary election.  In some states you need to be affiliated with a party well in advance of the primary.

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#349999 NIC Style and SAMBO are stupid names....

Posted by Langley on 14 December 2015 - 03:11 PM

Since posting this I've already seen someone else use 'DIY Class' in the wild, so I'm going to go with that and Superstock.

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#349978 In response to the Lakeville High School Nerf War deaths.

Posted by Langley on 13 December 2015 - 01:56 AM

I hope that it is clear to anyone who visits NerfHaven that automobiles can be extremely dangerous and that driving or riding in a car while participating in a game adds totally unnecessary risk to what would otherwise be a relatively safe activity. 


Over the years, assassins games have attracted negative attention from school administrators, police, and the media.  I do not recommend playing in assassins style games, particularly un-sanctioned highschool games with cash prizes.  The high stakes and the nature of the game encourages reckless and disruptive behavior, even where such behavior is explicitly against the game's rules.  Sneaking around with a gun-shaped toy, and ambushing people at their school, home or job defies common sense. 


The majority of events organized on NerfHaven have been out in the open in a controlled environment away from bystanders and other dangers.  Even college HvZ games are usually run by school sanctioned organizations which are good at self-policing and strictly enforcing safety rules.  I expect everyone on this site to continue to uphold that standard.  Stay safe and use common sense. It's hard enough to participate in a hobby centered around toys that increasingly resemble firearms.  We don't need another reason for the media to involve us in the next big moral panic. 

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#349812 NIC Style and SAMBO are stupid names....

Posted by Langley on 03 December 2015 - 04:11 PM

It seems pretty clear to me that the defining difference between what people call 'NIC Style' and what people call 'superstock' is that 'NIC Style' events allow homemade ammo.  The kind of mods or homemade designs people want is determined by what ammo they're using.  There are other differences, and sure you can get away with superstock blasters at wars even if homemade ammo is allowed, and there are weird outliers and gray areas. But at the end of the day, if you go to events that don't allow homemade ammo, then you're not interested in hoppers or snaps or brass barrels or UMBs.  And if you only go to events that do allow homemade ammo, you're probably more interested in those things than FVJs or flywheel blasters.  I just don't see any reason to get into FPS or split hairs over the other details.  I know homemade darts isn't exactly what NIC style is but it informs almost every aspect of what it is. 


There's not going to be a perfect answer to what you could call NIC Style that everyone will agree on and which will immediately be understood, but pretty much anything would be an improvement at this point.  The fact that the options I've outlined don't immediately transmit a complete picture of NIC style into your brain like Neo learning Kung Fu is not enough of a reason for me not to use one of them. 

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#349666 Covering Operating Costs: Donations, Ads, Shirts, all of the above?

Posted by Langley on 25 November 2015 - 05:34 PM

Doing the affiliate thing sounds like it'd work well too, and might get us closer to the 'permanently self sufficient' number than not. Especially if you can set it up in the next 3 days; I'd use it to buy whatever I'm buying on amazon for Christmas (and generally, but Christmas is the big one and it's coming up).

If you follow the 'Support NerfHaven' link and scroll down, there are now some amazon associate links and a search area that lets you find anything you might be looking for specifically. Thanks!
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