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Maverick Spring Rating

27 December 2007 - 04:48 PM

I am attempting to add semiautomatic capabilities to my Maverick via electromagnetism. In order to calculate the amount of resistance I would need in my circuit and the number of turns in my solenoid, I need to know how much force it takes to cock a Maverick. Unfortunately, I am without any way to measure the properties of the compression spring within the Maverick's firing mechanism. Does anyone have this information?

For those interested in the details of this modification, I will briefly summarize. In order to easily dual-wield my two Mavericks, I will be adding a solenoid to the top of the gun, above the turret. A metal bracket will be added to the existing slide (much like frost vectron's slider repair) and attaching the solenoid's armature to that. A battery door would ideally be integrated into the Maverick's grip, allowing relatively easy battery changes in mid-combat. A sensor would be added to trigger the solenoid when the trigger is released. While this mod is still well within the design stages, I will most certainly document the construction process when I perform this rather involved mod.