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Pvc Scout

11 August 2008 - 12:43 PM

So, I found my Scout EX-3 the other day in my closet, alone, dissected, and abandoned. After pulling it from it's shallow grave, I began to work on it. My O-ring is lost however, so I have no idea what ranges are. Someone with an O-ring please do this mod and tell me how it turns out.
Alright, enough talk. Lets Rock.

Step One: After opening it, take out the plunger and catch assemblies. Then you should see a nub on the end of one of the lines of plastic where the spring normally is.(This nub is on BOTH SIDES!) Like this: Posted Image
Step Two: Sand this small nub away. Make sure you get the nub on the other side as well. When you are done, it should look like this: Posted Image
Step Three: Take a crayola marker and cut off about an inch from the tip of the writing end. Keep this. Throw the rest away. Wrap the narrowed end in a few layers of electrical tape. Like this: Posted Image
Step Four: Wrap the other end of your marker piece in a few layers of E-tape as well. Then, take your piece of marker, put a little glue of your choice on the flat end, and shove it into the end of a three inch piece of PVC pipe. It should be snug but the electrical tape should not be deforming when you push the marker in. It should look like this: Posted Image
Step Five: Take the barrel piece from the scout and apply a little glue to the inside edge. Take your PVC/marker piece and push it inside of the stock barrel. It should look like this: Posted Image
Step Six: Run a bead of hot glue around the joint. IMPORTANT: Nest your stock spring inside a Maverick spring before replacing putting everything back in place. Then wrap a layer or two of e-tape around it for security. Screw it all together and it should look like this:Posted Image

Now you're done and it should be shooting better than ever assuming I'm right. Questions, Comments, anything you want to say?

Shrapnel Grenade

07 July 2008 - 09:45 PM

This is a fairly simple idea that I haven't yet seen done. I don't believe that this requires pictures. That's how painfully simple this idea is.
Enough talk. Here's the story: I accidentally cooked a batch of Stefans too long. So long, they no longer worked in my barrels. I was pissed until I had an epiphany of an idea. I plugged in my glue gun, got my scissors, and got to work.

Step1: Take your Stephan and cut it in half (Assuming you are making two inch Stefans)

Step2: Put hot glue on the tip just like in FA_24's Stephan making tutorial

Step3: Let cool and stuff in a fold-able Frisbee

Step4: Toss your newly improved barricade buster (grenade) at someone

EDIT: Shadowblade, I did this also because it frustrated me that regular Stephans were a tad too long for a grenade and you could only fit a few into every grenade. These half Stephans allow you to pack more of them in. I could have sworn that I included that in my little intro bit. I guess not. My bad.

Big Bad Problem

03 February 2008 - 04:09 PM

So, I was modding my BBB last night. I put in a new spring and added a brass barrel. My problem is that it doesn’t want to cock again after being fired. The only way I can get it to cock is to pull on the little orange nubs on the side. I don’t know what’s wrong. Internal pictures and some advice on what could have gone wrong would be greatly appreciated.

What Got You Started Nerfing?

21 December 2007 - 09:58 PM

What got you started in this hobby/obsession we all have? How did you happen to find this place? What about Nerfing appealed to you so much that you decided to become a member here?
I myself got started nerfing about two years ago or whenever the N-Strike Unity Power System came out. As soon as I got that for Christmas, I became obsessed with nerf. I found this wonderful place when I discovered how much an out of the box longshot sucked. I googled Nerf Modifications, and wound up here. One I read around a bit, I discovered that I wanted to become a member here. It took a bit but, I finally got approved and, here I am.

Laser Cutter

23 November 2007 - 02:07 PM

Instructables.com is giving away a laser cutter to the person who has the best instrutable. If someone here were to win it, think of what it could mean for the community. It should be easy for anyone here to win. If everyone enters their mod or homemade, we would have a great chance to win. Especially if Bolt submitted his new homemade.