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In Topic: Sd Fires

28 October 2003 - 02:56 PM

yea fire's pretty bad, worse than the one in LA, except there isn't as much ash fall, but even my garage smells like smoke, its nasty, and it looks like theres fog out herre, but its smoke, and the light is yellow, so yea, no school tomorrow either, what a bummer :lol: , but i have new speakers!!! :D :D :D , boo yaaaaaa, over and out

In Topic: Sdno: Wrapup

17 August 2003 - 10:20 AM

DUUUUDE, Steeeeevie, NICE ASS dude, nice ass, nice ass war.
it was sweet, my wf pwned everyone, but i just realized i never won a single war... strange, asianess is failing me, but yea i got all the hits on toj when he was camping. uh... yea i was hungry for most of the war, and steve.... i drank your water :rolleyes: haha, sorry coudln't resist, and i wish i had an AT, i would have pwned. oh well my sf was good enough, and my first hit was a hs on mark, once again, haha yea thats all i have to say, do it next year, cya