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Polar Star And/or Nemesis?

For Cave Story/Doukutsu Monogatari fans

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#1 Yoji



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Posted 16 September 2007 - 09:03 PM

So, how many Cave Story/Doukutsu Monogatari fans do we have around here? I ask because I've been thinking of turning one of my Night Finders into a Polar Star based off this pic. How exactly I'd do that is giving me some trouble. I need to figure out:

-Barrel extension. I'll need to add at least 4 inches to match the length shown, but I'm having trouble getting any tubing that actually fits my darts. Home DesperateDepot seems to have a very loose definition of what a half inch is.
-Muzzle decoration. Maybe I could make it out of wood with a band saw and some obsessive sanding, but that sounds tough.
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#2 CaptainSlug


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Posted 16 September 2007 - 09:10 PM

Home Depot seems to have a very loose definition of what a half inch is.

If you are talking about pipe it's not Home Depot's fault. Pipe sizes are not based on fractional measurements. Tubing with a precise 1/2" ID wouldn't work anyways.

SCH40 1/2 PVC pipe has an ID of .602"
SCH80 1/2 CPVC or PVC pipe can have an ID between .526" and .546". This is most likely to fit darts made with 1/2" Foam Backer Rod

A Nitefinder won't need a functioning barrel any longer than 3-1/2". Any longer than that will decrease your range average. If you want it to appear longer, then the extra length would need to be cosmetic.
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#3 Guest_yourface_*

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Posted 16 September 2007 - 09:15 PM

If you want a long barrel, try using brass. Put some 9/16 on the plunger tube and make tightening rings in the base. Nest 19/32 around it in the barrel length that you want, and you have a Nite Finder that is both functional and Polar Star-ish. Make sure that the dart doesn't touch the 19/32; if it's too fat, you should just nest it in 1/2" SCH 40 PVC.
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#4 Yakkers



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Posted 18 September 2007 - 04:39 PM

Ah yes, I love Doukutsu Monogatari. I'm still stuck at the final boss of whatever branch I'm in.
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