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Posted 15 August 2007 - 08:58 PM

Send everyone that is banned here! I will take in all your trash and retards! Give me those who can't stop posting and i will give them a home far away from nerf haven!

The irony of this is overwhelming. I get the feeling the first 'trash and retard who can't stop posting' is about to be sent.

I was just joking okay. I am not sure what your problem is but maybe you should have it checked out by a professional!

They were your words, not mine. Although they did sound more harsh than intended--apologies.

I still think this entire thread is ill-advised, however. Sitewhoring, regardless of quality, is discouraged on every forum I'm on, (I assume including this one) except for links in signatures. And your site is in the EXTREMELY early stages to be releasing it to such a large community, espcially if you are representing it as a 'haven' from the Haven. ('away from all the stupid moderators').

Alright look i have a NEW site http://www.freewebs.com/kingofnerf/ It has forrums okay! but if you ask me my first site would have been beter than this one (My new site not nerf haven!) if it could get forums! I AM DONE posting anything about my site here cause i don't think i am allowed to either so here it is take a look at it talk your trash about and get it over with!
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