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Tricks Up The Sleeve.

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Posted 23 July 2007 - 02:51 PM

Ok, this morning I was working on a homemade valve, and finished it. I then wondered what I could use it for, and I thought about how compact it was, so I incorporated it in to my fifth homemade. This gun can be concealed up the sleeve of a sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt. I will get pics up in a few hours, I havent tested the gun either, so keep checking back, sooner or later I'll get more details. It's filled up with a schrader valve, and I made a kind of pressure release valve that is triggered by pushing a cap in, when I'ts pushed in, air rushes out, pretty basic.

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I'm going to pull out this line: "Speculation is a waste of time. Just wait and see what comes of this. If anything." - Captain Slug.
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