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The Merits Of A Maverick

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#1 Brass



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Posted 10 July 2007 - 06:24 PM

I am fearful of many newbies on this forum getting the wrong idea about mavs, because of how often people bash them. Mavs are definitely not great guns, but I'm going to explain some good things about them to attempt to convince newbies to think about getting them as one of their first weapons.

1. The maverick is cheap. $8 is not a lot of money. It's not the cheapest gun out there, but it's a hell of a lot better than forking over $30 for a long shot if you're new to nerf.

2. The maverick is easy to mod. Lots of people say they're hard to mod, which I don't get. There are many mods for the mav out there, with very detailed write-ups. They're really not that hard, even with zero modding experience.

3. For an indoor war, mavs end up being perfect. You never need to shoot farther than the 20ft you can get with a mav if you're in someone's basement, and anything more powerful would be overkill, and also piss people off.

4. Mav have great ROF. I can get off six shots in about four seconds. That's real good. Unlike clip guns, It's almost impossible to get the mav to jam from fast firing.

5. They look awesome. Even stock, the mav looks good and with a great paint-job, the thing looks wicked. There's something about revolvers.

Now I don't want anyone to say "I know this already" because this is to help out newer members. This is 5 good reasons for a newbie to get a mav, not bad, eh?
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#2 Cennipe



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Posted 10 July 2007 - 06:30 PM

Your right, the mav is very easy to mod. I did CS's swapable clip mod to it and it came out great. Easist mod ever. It was easier than putting on my LS forgrip. I have nothing but indoor wars, so I end up using it a lot if I don't use my LS. Now that it is clip modded, I can get off 18 shots in ~20 seconds (that includes relode time).
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#3 gamefreak054



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Posted 10 July 2007 - 09:19 PM

I agree too what your saying i just started modding and i modded my mav first and i learned a lot from that gun even though i did some what end up breaking it because it only shoots 10-15ft either the night finder or the mav should be your first gun to mod because those are the guns you learn from and waste less money

#4 BustaNinja



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Posted 10 July 2007 - 09:32 PM

My first mod was the free swinging chamber mod for a mav. I took it apart the night I got it and got to work. I learned, as you said, alot from this gun and about how plunger guns work. Then I painted it and it looks really cool, even with a shitty single coat of sub par spray paint. In my opinion it is the best starter gun made because of it's overall appeal, ROF, it's easily modable, and it looks really sweet. Still my sidearm, after all I put it through. An all in all great gun nerf wise.
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