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Longshot Vs Rapid Fire

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#1 schancky



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Posted 06 July 2007 - 10:58 AM

hi guys i was checking the internet for a new nerf gun and came across two that i really liked the first was the rapid fire rifle made by buzz bee, and the second was the nerf longshot. i was wondering the differences between these two and where they would be used (indoor/outddoor ccb/open area). im not exactly a big time modder having only screwed up a perfectly good nf (i sawed off the barrle trying to put in pvc without proper instructions)

i chose the nerf longshot because it shoots far and has stable and reliable clips

i chose the buzz bee rapid fire because of its amazing rof and overall awesomness


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#2 LastManAlive



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Posted 06 July 2007 - 11:54 AM

CAPITALIZATION IS YOUR FRIEND! Along with better grammar. You should have heard this here when you agreed that you read it when you registered.

Other than that, on to your questions.

We do not have "What gun is better than the other" or "what gun should I buy". It's called get your own friggin' gun and make it shoot the way you like.

Thus, onto your other question(s). As to what the differences are in the two guns:



Magazine (not clip) capacity

Reload method

Other functions (like the longshot having the expanding stock)

And finally, where to use them. It all depends on if you feel like breaking household items or not. If you modify your Longshot with the guides and instructions found on these here forums, then you should be able to reach ranges of 80+ and have pretty nice hitting power. That being said, indoors doesn't sound good for it with regular stefans (homemade darts). You can counter that by making safety, indoor, or painless darts...whatever they have started calling them now. You simply make a regular stefans (foam backer rob about 2 inches long, melt a hole in one end, place BB, and hot glue over the BB...there is a guide to making them as well) where you put another peice of foam over the drying hotglue. Some use sponge. I have seen cotton fabric or something.

As for the RFR, modified or not, indoors is best unless you use it as a sort of sidearm outdoors. Other than that, almost all stock or lightly modified guns COULD be used indoors. Other than that, use the Search function to find out how to modify your gun(s) and how to make homemade, cheap ammo.

Hope I could help you out. I think I got about everything you will need for a while. Maybe try not to post a bunch of useless stuff. Like a poll of what color your pee was this morning. Or what your favorite Ramon Noodle flavor is (and yes, I HAVE seen that happen...it was on an airsoft forum :huh: lawls).

Yup that's about it....OH GOD WAIT! I almost forgot!

Don't pee on the carpet. The mods and admin will potty train you for 9999 days if you do.
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#3 AssassinNF



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Posted 06 July 2007 - 11:56 AM



Capable of rediculous ranges (for a clip springer)
Clips are stable and easy to use
Clips and ammo are readily available on the internet
Clips can be combined into 12-13 dart clips
Can easily be converted to pump-action
Good quality NERF


Very Difficult to mod if you don't have any experience
Stock ranges are pitiful
After modded, it's rarely a good idea to use it inside, as it can be very powerful
More Expensive

Rapid Fire Rifle


Has decent indoor ranges out of the box
Clips and ammo are avaliable over the internet
Can be converted to bolt action, although it is difficult


The lever action is very awkward, and has a tendency to jam
Uses Shells
Plunger rod has a tendency to break in half
Plunger catch also has a tendency to break in half
Ranges will never be up to par with most guns
Clips are awkward to load
Even after the gun is modified, it is not stefan compatible. Stefans are too short to allow the shells to properly feed, and the gun just jams
It's made by Buzzbee

Longshot wins.

If you want a good gun, and you have a little modifying skill, choose the Longshot.

If you just want a gun just for shits and giggles, choose the Rapid Fire Rifle.

and please use some Capitalization in your future posts. Thank You.

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#4 schancky



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Posted 06 July 2007 - 12:57 PM

Thanks for the help guys and sorry about the bad grammer. I didnt know the rapid fire had so many flaws. I think im going to be getting a longshot since it is much easier to find, mod and use.

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#5 shadowkid33



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Posted 06 July 2007 - 03:09 PM


Pros- It's generally awesome.

Cons- Hard to modify

Rapid Fire Rifle

Pros- Nothing

Cons - Everything.

The Rapid Fire Rifle sucks, it's ROF is just as good as the Longshot, and it LS goes farther. I've seen 2 RFR's in action and they both suck. I got so pissed at mine I smashed it with a hammer and scavenged it for parts.

Conclusion: Get the longshot and don't even go near the Rapid Fire Rifle or it will infect you with it's suckyness.
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how the heck do you make a double clip?

Here are the steps.
1. Go to the search button in the right corner of the screen
2. Click
3. Search double longshot clip.

i dont have time, jeez, im new here!

#6 lionhead333



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Posted 06 July 2007 - 08:45 PM

Think about it. If you want to be able to shoot hard-tipped darts of death, buy a longshot. like Assasin said, no matter what you do to a rapid fire rifle, it will suck.

Though I admit, some of the guys in my clan swear by it. Then again, these are also the guys who are shocked by 20 foot ranges.

In the end, make up your own mind, but keep your attention on the longshot.
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