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Thrust Shot Reborn!

My first homemade has had a remodel

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Posted 17 May 2007 - 12:05 AM

At the beginning of February of this year, I posted a topic for a Burst-Seal gun constructed of PVC and powered by Co2. Those who were at ECNO got to see what the gun looked like and how aggravating it was just to reload the seal. Here is the original thread to the Thrust Shot, as I called it. OMC called it the "Trash Bag Cannon".

Combination Ball/micro Co2 Gun

I decided to give the gun a complete remodel. A gun that takes over 1 minute just to reload the burst seal, and the pretty decent chance that the seal could fail or tear while installing it is not worth the trouble of biulding it. Now the gun has a "trigger" of sorts. I will post pictures up of the build process (at least some of the steps as I started the build before I began this topic) and a complete parts list if anyone out there wants to try to build their own.

If any of you out there are going to the LCM Summer Tune-Up, I will have it there with me. The war will be the first chance I will have to test out the gun and get approximate ranges, so if anyone going has either a really long tape measure or some markers I can place in the ground to score off distances, it would be appreciated. Also remember how this gun shot both CTDs and Ballistic Balls? I am also thinking of getting it to somehow fire another type of ammo, but more on that later (new dart style still in development).
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