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Nerf Pen Blaster Mod Write-up

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Posted 04 April 2007 - 12:55 AM

Renegade’s Pen Blaster Mod Write-up

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Here is the Nerf Pen Blaster, one of the few nerf guns to not use air to propel a dart. It simply hits it with a piece of plastic. It’s still built much like most spring guns. The gun itself has a long pole through it that does not allow it to fire stefans. Although it is possible for it to fire stefans. With some moddage.

Step One: The first thing to do is take off the pen. Unscrew the two screws on each side then pull it off.

Step Two: Now we have the main gun. Unscrew all of the screws. Be careful since they’re almost all different sizes.

Step Three: Use a utility knife to pry off the end piece by the cocking handle. Now we can pry open the entire gun.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Step Four: The internals should look like this. Take out the springs and blue internal piece. Unscrew the orange cocking piece first.

Posted Image

Step Five: Take out this blue plastic piece. We’ll be cutting it down in the next step.

Posted Image

Step Six: Sand down the piece 2-3mm from the smaller plastic lip inside of it. This will create more room for a stefan to fit inside the barrel.

Posted Image

Step Seven: Take the long blue plastic rod and cut it .

Posted Image

Posted Image

Make sure it’s flush with the previous blue piece.

Step Eight: It’s time to put it back together. The blue rod will be shorter now and need to be pushed upward in order to screw back on the orange handle. Screw everything back together, put the pen part back on, and you’re done.

Posted Image

Now your Pen Blaster will be able to shoot stefans. These stefans should be around 1 inch long for best results.


Stefan: 10-15 feet

Stock Dart: At least 20+ more accurate ranges later.

(Most pictures blurry Camera wasn't working right)

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#2 Forsaken angel24

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Posted 04 April 2007 - 01:41 AM

It is good to see some write ups coming into the haven again!
Consider them added to the directory.
Did you ever get that sample of red foam I sent you like 6 months ago?
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