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Max Shot

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#1 MAC



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Posted 01 September 2003 - 07:43 PM

I have been wanting to make the combo of At 2000 4 barrel as my pistol, and a single barrel max shot as my loser. The At 2000 turned out great, getting around
70ft. The max shot only gets around 60 feet tho, and i was told it should be much better than that. Wat i did was pry off the red top, and then buy a cpvc 1/2 cupler, which fit snug on the white tube, which i didnt saw at all. After that it measured 3 inches. I then cut a 9 inch piece of cpvc, and stuck it in the cupler. To load it, all i do is pulll out the cpvc, and load the dart in, then jam the cpvc back in. Did I modd this right, or is thier sumthing i can do to get the range everyone is is telling me they get. around 90 feet.
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#2 Jangadance



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Posted 01 September 2003 - 08:06 PM

If I'm reading your post correctly, you kept the 3 inch original barrel and added 9 inches of CPVC to it. If that's right, then your barrel is a foot long- and most likely the FBR that you're using is a pretty tight fit for that barrel.

I would suggest cutting the barrel's length in half. You won't need more than 6"-8" for that barrel; since it's so long, the extra few inches are just slowing the dart down. Try a test with a smaller piece of CPVC and see how it fares.
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#3 SniperWolf



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Posted 01 September 2003 - 11:19 PM

I would cut down the original white barrel also. Cut it so that the edge of the coupler is flush with the gun.. so that you can't even see the white barrel.
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#4 Ag5nt 0o7

Ag5nt 0o7


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Posted 02 September 2003 - 09:32 AM

Yes, that is what I did but I have one question. What size steffans should I be using because mine, I have to poke in with a stick or sum thing?
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#5 WebbZter



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Posted 02 September 2003 - 02:57 PM

Saw the original barrel down to about half an inch. Then stick the CPVC coupler on. CPVC fits micro Stefans very tightly so you want to try and keep your barrel short. Otherwise, the increased friction slows down the dart.
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#6 LiKnSmAkScOmIn



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Posted 02 September 2003 - 06:20 PM

I did a brass mod to mine, and put the red barrel back on.Its had the whole middlepart drilled out, and it holds onto the pvc coupler tightly.I also painted it red and gold( :wacko: dont ask why)
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