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Maxshot Questions

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#1 SirTofu



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Posted 05 December 2006 - 05:29 PM

Hi, I recently bought 3 maxshots off amazon, and have questions about them because I can't find these in threads.

1. I saw in cx's mod, he glued a piece of plastic into that notch, to change the cocking mechanisism. How exactly do you have to do it, and do you have to do it to both sides? Also, does this affect the stability of the gun?
2. If I don't do anything else to it, does it need to be reinforced? If so, how?
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#2 Team Slaya

Team Slaya


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Posted 06 December 2006 - 11:18 PM

I went through CX's mod as well. I didn't actually do that glueing of the plastic part - didn't seem necessary. And it wasn't. Although many complain about not being able to fire my MS, I can, with no issues. You get to know your MS, and you'll figure it out.

On the front of the outside casing, it dips a little bit, I don't know how to describe it, but the casing has a bit of a ridge, I'd say just past two inches from the flat part where the barrel protrudes. If you reinforce the insides there, your maxshot will be fine forever, unless you run over it. (Hehe, THIRST) If you don't do this, it'll probably be okay for your nerfing career.

So if you have the materials to do said reinforcing, go for it. If you don't, don't make yourself crazy. Especially because you have 3 of them. :P

Good luck with your new beauties.

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#3 Jangadance



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Posted 08 December 2006 - 04:31 PM

You can just put a dab of hot glue in those 2 spots (one on each side of the case) it works just as well as putting a piece of plastic in there. When hot glue hardens, it's practically plastic anyways. It's just to hold the trigger on an axis so you can depress it enough to fire the gun. Definately make sure the cocking arm is down when you pull the trigger though...

Reinforcing any part of that beast is gonna be a full scale effort. The plunger tube is often the first part to break, as the spring pulverizes it with the pounding it recieves. Sometimes the gun just explodes and breaks in half, but I'm not sure how you'd prevent such a catastrophe. Enjoy your MS (Magstrike doesn't deserve the title, it's a PC remake dammit).

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