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Cmdrmack And The Big Salvo

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Posted 24 October 2006 - 12:52 AM

Side View
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Front View
Posted Image

I was in negotiation with a friend of mine to purchase a Hornet when he got his N-Strike set. The N-Strike was back-ordered, so I went without a “shotgun” for a bit longer. I really liked the idea of a cloud of foam headed towards an opponent; after all, one cannot dodge buckshot no matter how ninja-like one’s skills are.

Eventually I got around to making a Toys-R-Us run to get a Christmas present for a friend of mine, and there it was…Four barrels of foam spouting mayhem that is the Lanard Big Salvo.

There’s not much about this gun on this site, but after a quick restrictor mod with the help of a flathead screwdriver and loading a few stock megas I had lying around into the barrels, it was apparent that either I got lucky or this gun is one of the best kept secrets in Nerf.

I had recently done my first barrel replacement mod on an AT2K that I purchased from Baghead, and felt that the Big Salvo would work better with micros, as those are far more common than megas. After playing around in the dorm with this gun, I decided to be the typical greedy American and not to be satisfied with what I already had. Four darts was simply not enough to satisfy my desire for a shotgun-like weapon.

That’s where this comes in:
Posted Image
It’s simply the ½” CPVC barrel I was going to insert into the stock barrel to make micros fit with a ½” tee on the end, with two ½” 90 degree street elbows on either end of that, and then two more barrels.
Posted Image
One of these bad boys into each of the four barrels of the Big Salvo and suddenly my four mega darts at once becomes eight micros, which are enough for a decent shotgun blast.

I hot-glued all the parts of the Y-splitter together, but left them separated from the barrels for three reasons:
1. I might decide that I want to fire megas at some point, they go farther, or to use the original arrows for a stock (well, mostly) war.
2. So that I might make extra Y-splitters for a faster reload, it’s faster to preload several of these things and drop each one into a big barrel rather than trying to reload every smaller barrel.
3. So that I could change the initial form of the spread if I find something that works better, I’ve found one so far that spreads things pretty far, and one that keeps them fairly tight.

On to the full writeup:

Materials needed:
4 ½” CPVC T-joints
8 ½” CPVC 90 degree Street Elbows
½” CPVC cut into four 4” segments and 8 segments of your preferred barrel length.
Hot Glue sticks
Lanard Big Salvo

Tools needed:
Hot Glue gun
Hack Saw
Flat head screwdriver

Modification directions
1. Remove the air restrictor in each barrel using the flathead to pry it out, or by using the hacksaw to cut the barrel off below the restrictor. Either way make sure you get all of it because it’s a fairly tight fit without any excess plastic in the way.
2. Take one of your 4” segments of CPVC and drop it down a barrel to make sure it will fit without too much force. Remove when finished dry fitting
3. Assemble a Y-Splitter by coating one end of a 4” CPVC section, being careful not to into the bottom of a ½” CPVC T-joint, and adding a street elbow to each side. There is a large and small side to a street elbow, coat the small end in hot glue and insert it into the T-joint. Then glue your barrel length sections of CPVC into the large ends of the street elbow. Repeat for as many splitters as you desire. Cautious or inexperienced modders should dry fit everything before gluing.
4. Drop a Splitter into each large barrel in an arrangement that will create the kind of spread you are looking for.
5. Insert a dart into each CPVC barrel
6. Pump the gun about 10 times
7. Fire
8. Gaze in awe at the destruction you have just dealt.
9. Giggle maniacally.

Ranges are better than I had guessed, rather than forty to fifty feet, it's fifty to sixty feet.

Ranges were fired from the waist (about four feet up), no more than a 20 degree angle, with both Tagger Micros and the sonic megas. The gun was pumped ten times for both kinds of ammo.

1. 48'
2. 50'
3. 51'
4. 51'
5. 53'
6. 54'
7. 56'
8. 61'
Horizontal Spread: 9'
These were done with the Y-splitters as described in the mod above, to compare against stock ranges I also used stock megas in the four barrels without the splitters.

1. 57'
2. 59'
3. 64'
4. 68'
Spread: 8'

There's a significant difference between the micros with splitters and megas without, but not enough for the mega's to be considered advantageous in my mind. I'll take a more even spread over slightly longer range for a shotgun style gun.

Edited by Cmdrmack, 19 July 2007 - 07:32 PM.

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QUOTE(Predalien_Ro @ Apr 7 2008, 10:24 PM) View Post

Oompa: FECES!? Who in their right mind would try that shit!?

Bigger Salvo


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Posted 24 October 2006 - 01:04 AM

Nice mod, I like the spread.
I think that a titan had more range but to get more than a three barrel blast requires much more mods than yours.
Nice and simple.
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Posted 24 October 2006 - 12:24 PM

You should rename that thing, "Bigger Salvo".

Excellent mod, Cmdrmack. Creative, well-thought out, and definitely meets a need that everyone talks about, but doesn't quite follow through on.

Too many young'ns want a "shotgun" that looks and functions like a pump action 12-gauge that they see in their video game fantasies.

At least yours is the real deal.

Keep us posted on the durability of the modded BS. I've heard that they can get pretty tempermental after modifying them.

I started taking apart my son's Hornet. I was wondering what to do with it, wanting the similar "shotgun" effect. Where's that CPVC? :)

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-Piney- of White Dog Hobbies Armory

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It's to bad you live in hawaii I bet there are not many wars there.Wait what am I saying<b> you live in hawaii you lucky bastard.</b>

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Posted 26 October 2006 - 11:54 AM

Ranges are up.

SPU-Nerf: Thanks for the compliment, I think I remember hearing about/seeing that as well, with the airtank on a Titan it would probably be able to accomodate more than eight micros per shot. What I like about the Big Salvo is the ability to fire each barrel individually, or two at a time with the splitters in. That ability allows for more suppression fire without having to empty the gun and leave yourself vulnerable.

Piney: I like the idea of calling the "Bigger Salvo." That might become it's new name. I was one of those shotgun-loving kids once, and finally figured out how to make it work. If one of the young'uns (as we call them here in SC) can figure out a way to make a pump action 12 gauge type thing, more power to them. I'd recommend shells pre-loaded with blood tears for that kind of thing. I'm quite happy with the Bigger Salvo, especially now that I have a few extra splitters to decrease reload time. No problems so far on the BS itself, I was happy with it stock, so I didn't try to push it very far on sheer power. Hopefully it'll last a while. Good luck with the Hornet, I hope your son enjoys spraying daddy down with foam as much as I enjoy blasting two or three of my friends at a time. As for the CPVC, look in the box marked "kitchen utensils" :lol:
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QUOTE(Predalien_Ro @ Apr 7 2008, 10:24 PM) View Post

Oompa: FECES!? Who in their right mind would try that shit!?

Bigger Salvo


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