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Modding The Maverick For A College Class

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#1 Steve the Pirate

Steve the Pirate


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Posted 23 October 2006 - 06:42 PM

Hey everyone,
I just recentally was assinged to Reverse Engineer the NERF Maverick in an engineering class I'm taking in college. I have to make it so that a parapledgic woman can use the gun to shoot objects which will tell her dog what object to fetch (I know its stupid but at least I get to mod a NERF gun instead of a stupid radio). Anyway, I wanted to somehow have a automatic pump in the gun instead of the regular one and have it powered by her blowing into something, but I don't really know how to do that exactly so I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to do this. I will post anything I do later, once I make I design and finally do it. Thanks for the help.

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#2 Lance



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Posted 23 October 2006 - 06:43 PM

Thats very complicated, I would ask an expert.
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#3 Flaming Hilt

Flaming Hilt


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Posted 23 October 2006 - 06:54 PM

If you wanted an auto-cocking mav, I'd look into purchasing a blow-back airsoft pistol, because they do the exact same thing. Open her up and see how it works, maybe even use the system in there.

That's the only thing I can think of for auto-cocking. Otherwise I'm sure one of the engineering geeks (title not used negatively) around here will come across this topic soon enough.

As for triggering by blowing out of her mouth... I dunno. But paraplegic just means lower limbs, right? Wouldn't she still be able to use her arms?
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#4 Steve the Pirate

Steve the Pirate


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Posted 23 October 2006 - 07:14 PM

thats a good idea about getting the pump from an airsoft gun. Does anyone know the exact name of the pump so i can just buy that peice (poor college student). Also the even though the prof said she's a parapledgic, it said she had no use of her arms, legs or feet, and moved around with her mouth and jaw.

P.S. Thanks for the quick reply to everyone
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#5 TheVeg



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Posted 23 October 2006 - 08:15 PM

If you were really in a modding mood you could do the semi-auto maverick mod- an airtech 2000 air tank hooked up to a large air bladder like one from a rapidfire or wildfire. You could hook it up to an auto bike pump or something like that. The only one I can find at the moment is This one but there are others, I know that Carrtoon did one with a dart tag.

Just an idea, but how experienced are you with modding? That might get you a better grade than just a bought airsoft part.

I'm not an expert but I sure couldn't blow enough pressure into something to make it shoot a dart any reasonable distance... but you could make it balloon-powered... :ph34r:

Good luck,


Edit: found another one, the original one done by THIRST. Here it is.

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#6 LastManAlive



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Posted 23 October 2006 - 09:11 PM

You would have to just build a robot that fired on compand and reloaded everything on comand. I can't do this for you, but you may want to head down to radioshack and get some help. You're in an engineering class, you should know how to measure presure and tension. So, measure the tension on the cocking mechanism and build a robot to pull that much tension back on voice camand (they sell kits). That woul be simple really. All you would need is an eletric motor and some gears to movea piston back and forth to cock the gun. Do the same for the trigger, but with 2 pistons on each side. It doesn't take as much force, so one motor powering 2 pistons wouildn't be too much of a load. Now for reloading. You will need something to push the button to release the turret, something to put 6 darts back in the gun, and something to close the turret up.

Measure the tension on the button, and create a piston set-up to depress the button. Now is where the search button on the top of this sites page comes in handy. You need to find a maverick mod that includes the modification to allow the turret to come out further than it does. It is really quite simple. Once you have modified the blaster (as long as that is permitted), on to the piston set-up. I say have something with 6 darts aimed at the turret in the front shove the darts in the barrels much like this:


But obviously in a cylindrical fashion, and on a piston that pushes backwards into the barrels.

Now, that comvers cocking, firing, and reloading. Proof of consept is what those guys are looking for, so there you go. You are basically adding a box on the side of the gun by the handle that holds the gears and motors to operate the button to release the turret, pull the trigger, and cock the gun. Along with a cylindrical tube in the front holding the piston to shove the darts into the barrel, and an arm to move the turret back into place.

You will have one full cycle done. As long as your prof. doesn't make you ahve to reload it again, you should be done.
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#7 z80



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Posted 24 October 2006 - 06:51 PM

HOw about you just get a tech 20. It would be perfect.
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