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Munchkin, The Card Game

Anyone else besides me like to kick plutonium dragon ass?

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#1 LastManAlive



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Posted 05 August 2006 - 11:11 AM

Anyone played the semi-roleplaying card game, Munchkin or its sequels? I think the game is the best RPG I have ever played (as far as card games go). I'm not much of a RPG guy, I mostly stick to RPG mods on CSS and others like WoW, but thats not what the topic is about.

I actually just sent the guys at Steve Jackson Games a suggestion for another game. Nerf Munchkin. I referred them to look at what we do at this site and also nerfhq. I told them that it would be a lot like Star Munchkin if you all have played that. I have a huge amount of ideas. I need to go write them down really, but I just wanted to get your ideas and opinions and mostly to see if anyone knows the game period. I have seen that Nerf is really trying to get into the real world hear too, so I sent request and request to Mythbusters to see what they can do themselves, just to get it on the TV. Since they are starting a new season, I may send another request. Just trying to see this stuff in the real world kinda.
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#2 One Man Clan

One Man Clan


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Posted 05 August 2006 - 09:17 PM

I don't think main stream attention would be the kind of attention our activities need at this point. It's just something I don't think is in the best interest for Nerf right now.
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#3 badger


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Posted 05 August 2006 - 10:27 PM

I don't think that Steve Jackson games would pick it up due to the fact that they would have to pay royalties to Hasbro for every copy of the game sold and for every Nerf product mentioned in the game. Plus, it would put Nerf into a little bit of a bad light considering what Munchkin and its spin-offs are all about.

I play Munchkin. The game takes all of the aspects of role playing that every player of AD&D remembers and puts them into one game. I'm referring to the lying, cheating, backstabbing, and the blackmail. Unlike a real RPG, the main object of the game is to get to Level 10 by any means necessary, including stealing levels from other players in your "party", and making it harder for the other adventurers to level-up and defeat creatures. It is quite insane when someone has to kill the Angry Chicken to win the game and everyone uses every spell and item in their inventory to stop them, yet others still help him, but with ulterior motives to help themselves. Nerf is not about this.

As for Mythbusters, there are no real popular myths revolving around Nerf to really use on the show. They also would not be allowed to use the product name Nerf or the names of any of the weapons on the show. If you ever saw any episode where a name brand product was used, they either blurred out the name, or had a Mythbusters bogus product label over the real label. It comes down to once again a company having to pay royalties to another for using their products on the air.

I'll have to agree with OMC on this one.
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#4 Parapsycho



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Posted 05 August 2006 - 10:39 PM

I got turned off to Munchkin, because the gamers at my college who play it take it way too seriously. They all seem to forget that the game has a very big reliance on luck and randomization, so they assume that if they win, it is purely due to strategy. I have won games of it based almost solely on luck, but I dont pretend it was anything but. Everyone else gets really competitive with it as well. I know that that is the nature of the game, but when the competition is in a blatantly mean-spirited, it ruins the fun of the game. I'd like to note, though that I got turned off because of the people I was playing with, not the game itself. I quite liked the games themselves, but I find it hard to go back to a game once I've been turned off to it.

I dont think that the Nerf Munchkin idea would get off the ground. It would be too much of a niche market for SJ games to make any money off of it. Note that most of the expansions follow a general theme or genre. Perhaps dart blasters could be implemented into a more general theme, like a school or college themed Munchkin expansion. I would love for you to prove me wrong though. And even so, theres no reason you couldnt make your own Nerf card game.

A game that I do like to play is 'Lunch Money', and all of the people i've played that with seem reasonably sane.

Do Mythbusters ever use Name brands on their shows? If not you might not see them use any actual nerf guns, but maybe you could get them to do something with homemades...

Edit: Was finishing my post when badger posted his.

Edited by Parapsycho, 05 August 2006 - 10:41 PM.

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#5 LordoftheRing434



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Posted 07 August 2006 - 06:54 PM

Agreed with the above posts. Nerf Munchkin would only target one community, and perhaps only a fraction of it at that. I don't think they would put something like that on the market.

However, I do play Munchkin and it's one of my favorite games to play. I usually play with some buddies at the cabin. After a hearty serving of poker and loss of $$$, it's the right thing to put us back in a slightly better mood. And of course, we get to backstab the poker champ...

I'd say my favorite card is 'Contemplate Your Navel: Go Up a Level'. It's pretty basic, but I always get a chuckle when I draw it.
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