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Thank You

a venting of my frustration!!

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#1 jrbill2006



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Posted 09 August 2003 - 07:48 PM

I would like to vent my frustration after a day of very fun paintball, yet disapointing. We played 15 games, 1 of which was in the woods, the rest, speedball. After using almost 1000 balls, and figuring out that i has become flat broke, Ibecame disappointed. In that 1 20 minute game in the woods I used 50 balls. The rest I would use a hundred depending on how long you stay in. What really did it though was the fact that there were 10 or so high end marker toting 10-12 year olds. The guns included a few dark angels, and mostly SP cockers, and they had a couple cases of paint and the other high end gear that went with it. DO NOT tell me that these kids bought those!!! Or paid for anything that day. I can strip my gun down with my eyes closed (I have tried it). They probaly woundnt know where to start. I also buy everything involved in my paintball outings, every penny comes from hard work cutting grass.

What I am trying to say is thank you for not letting huge companies take away the game we all love and turing it into a highly commercialized high dollar joke that has been trapped in this little speedball corner that will never really cahnge back. WE are able to play how ever we want, whenever we want, and no one to tell us that we can't. Also our guns are our own, we customize them and work and tire to make them better so that means we take a lot of pride in them. hopefully.

I do not want to bash paintball at all because I do enjoy speed ball, but just in moderation as with any sport. And i know high dollar 12 year olds do exist in nerf, but are not as frequent.
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Posted 09 August 2003 - 08:14 PM

Sorry to hear about that, bud.

All I can suggest is two words. Stock class.

As you know, stockers are limited to 10 shots at a time, "rock and cock" pump action, and 12 gram Co2 cartridges. This puts the paintball sport back to where it should be, in my opinion. Carefully thought out shot placement, physical stamina and strength to move about, and the ability to reload under fire from all those over-hyped paint sprayers. Too bad they have such ridiculous ROF that you burn a day's pay in a couple hour session.

Too bad that paintball is going the ROF way, either way (speedball or woods ball), and the markers are only getting more and more expensive (save for the Tippmann's, but even the newer A-5's are pricey compared to a Phantom VSC).

Nerf will never go that direction, because in reality we're not even supposed to be doing what we're doing from their standpoint (Do NOT modify guns or darts; remember?). This way we'll always be able to enjoy a no-attitudes, fun time pelting each other with foam, lead weights, and hot glue. And it won't cost you an arm and leg (and hair). Nerf on.
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#3 Zero Talent

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Posted 10 August 2003 - 04:26 AM

Just never rent a pump action marker from the field. You'll spend a lot less simply buying the gun and paint, and the gun will not, in fact, suck. (Needless to say, my last paintballing experience was a poor one.)

I'm a bit worried about how our version of Nerf is going, what with it's stronger organization and popularity these days... This popularity can lead to it's consequences... Just look at TIS, and his issue with park security for.. I forget which war it was, or is to be. But there are often laws against the actions we do in public parks... No projectile rules and such. Nerf may be underground now, but if it continues to grow, it too will be pushed to private fields, and possibly even overpriced stock guns (though this would probably occur in homemades, rather than from the Nerf brand name themselves).

But no use complaining about what isn't yet. Let's just enjoy this little secret while it still is.
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