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Clear-coating Chrome/metallic Silver Paint

It's been a problem. Here's a solution.

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Posted 21 April 2006 - 02:12 PM

I don't know how many of you have tried using highly-reflective silver/chrome paints yet, but you may have noticed that spraying on the usual protective clear coat will absolutely ruin the look of it. What was bright and shiny chrome becomes a dull pot-metal gray when clear-coated.

I discovered recently, reading prop-replica forum threads, that this is a well-known problem. The solution? Floor wax. Future Acrylic floor polish can be brushed (or airbrushed) over a chrome/silver paintjob, and not interfere with its look. I gather this is because it's an acrylic, and not a lacquer or enamel like the usual spray-paint clear coats are.

There's a thread here with more tips concerning use of the floor polish:

I recently made a blue/chrome Maverick for a friend, but the clear-coat ruined the beautiful shiny chrome and filled me with fathomless sorrow. :K( (Fortunately, the friend didn't care. :KD ) Now that I have this tip in my arsenal, I can create wonderful gleaming chrome pieces that won't get chipped or fingerprinted at the drop of a hat.
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