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How Do You Play Ctf

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Link Skyrim


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Posted 29 January 2006 - 01:25 AM

Well, with my crew this is how we play.

1. The flag must be 3/4 visible. Other words, it cant be hidden under a rock. It has to be seen by at least 3/4 of the body.

2. The flag must be 1 foot off the ground. It cant be on the ground in the grass. It has to be in like a tree or fence. Not like... you have to climb up the tree to get it.

3. Once your hit you have to run back to your flag and touch it to get back in play.

4. Once the flag is stolen (like that term) you cannot touch the person if your dead to get back in play. Antother team member MUST kill the person and retrieve the flag, and bring it back to its original position.

5. Win you win the battle you must keep the flag in the same place. The losers may move it.

6. (Not needed for just CTF)When your out of ammo for you gun but you have ammo from your opponent you can set up a trade. It calls for a time out and you switch darts. The opponent doesnt have to if he doesnt want to.

Theres my clans rules, so how about yours?
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