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My First Mod

NiteFinder w/ Silver and Red Paint

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#1 Valar



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Posted 17 January 2006 - 05:11 PM

This is my very first mod and I'm pretty happy with it. I don't know what the range on it is, but I can tell you it has alot more power than it does stock. I added a crayola barrel (I wanted to do brass, but I couldn't find any 9/16" inch, only 1/2", but I think I know where I can get some now), I also took off the air restrictors, put some electrical tape on the plunger and usually have bands on it (The paint is still drying, so the bands aren't on it right now, obviously).

Posted Image

I just used some Testors Car Model paint that I had laying around. It looks alot splotchier in this picture than it does in real life.

I also have a few questions, if you guys don't mind awnsering them.

First of all, should I put some kind of enamel on the gun now, so that the paint doesn't chip?

Second of all, this is kind of off topic, but somewhere at my dad's house, I'm pretty sure I have an old Sharp Shooter 1. From what I remember when I was a little kid, it was a pretty powerful and accurate gun, and it was definetly my favorite when I was younger. I understand that it fires a very rare ammo, but could it be modified to shoot another kind of dart, and would it be worth it?
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#2 J cobbers

J cobbers


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Posted 17 January 2006 - 06:20 PM

Testor's is an enamel based paint as I recall, check to see if your bottles say achrillic (sp?) or enamel on them. You do not want to paint enamel over Achrillic paint, but the otherway around is ok. Look in your local hardware store and see if you can find a clear coat of enamel paint.

Second the sharp shooter, though old is a great gun. A simple barrel replacement with PVC, CPVC, or Brass will update your gun nicely. Try using the search option and see what you dig up.
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#3 nerfer34



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Posted 17 January 2006 - 08:06 PM

I don't know much about paint but yes the Sharpshooter 1 can be easily modded to a barrel material to shoot different ammo. Its pretty rare gun if you want to sell it but I know some people selling it for around 15$ If that will help.

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