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At 2k Problem Solution

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Posted 17 January 2006 - 03:59 PM

I have noticed with 2 of the 3 2Ks I have modded that the valve didnt work quite right and the o-ring inside the air tank would pop off and would need to be fixed so I decided to fix this problem once and for all. So I this is what you will need to do it
-broken 2k
-super glue I suggest zaps a gap but a thick glue will work
-PVC cutters (I have ones with one blade)
-bic pen (optinal)
(This step is if you have done the bic pen mod)So what you do is take your bic pen and cut it to length with scissors and cut it down the middle length wize. Then put it on the pin. Next take a sharpie and put two lines on oposite sides of the tank. Then take your PVC cutters and cut it about a quarter of an inch in from the front. Now take the o-ring off( if its not already off) and clean it off of all gunk. Put your super glue on the peg like thing (where the o-ring was) and put on the o-ring. Now take the two sides and line up the lines on the sides. Put super glue on all the surfaces on which the two halfs will touch. Put the two halfs together and let set until dry. Then after add more glue in the cracks and let dry. Finally put ducttape around joint and then its done.

Questions, comments, etc.

There will be no pics

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