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Tek4 And Mech6 Review

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#1 navy seal

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Posted 09 December 2005 - 07:57 AM

I just got the tek4 and mech6(motorized) for my birthday a few days ago. The tek4 gets 25' flat stock and came in a pack of two guns. It has four barrels and they manually rotate like the at2k. The plunger also goes back in the gun after its cocked. I'm going to put new cpvc barrels on. The mech6 gets 15' flat and is semiauto but its realy loud because of the motor. The only way you couyld use stefans is make them the same length as stock darts because the trigger pushes them from the back into the spinning wheel.

The tek4 is going to be my sidearm with my crossbow because it has a better rof than my nite finder and is smaller and lighter. I have a maverick but it doesn't shoot and a old tek6 thats single barreled. The mech6 could be used if you played inside and use stock darts. You could make a hugh clip with 50+ rounds. If you want a higher rof you could use a tek6 or tek10.

The tek4 is a good purchase. For $8 you get two guns with four barrels and could get 40' flat when modified. I'll post ranges when I'm done modifying them.
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Posted 18 December 2005 - 09:37 PM

Yes, my friend got the Mech6, and to be honest, it's disappointing. It's a semi auto nerf gun for the lazy man. There isn't much you can do to mod it, as barrels are 100% counter-productive, and you can't speed up the wheel. If you want to make lots of darts go a little ways without pumping or cocking a spring..... Just throw them...
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