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Paper Darts?

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#1 hotvietboi123



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Posted 20 October 2005 - 07:12 PM

paper darts? He said he used paper darts?? Has anybody used paper darts before? Are they good?
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#2 BloodMoon



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Posted 20 October 2005 - 08:26 PM

I know I haven't been here all that long, but I have found that giving ebay links is just a really, really bad idea. Just for future reference.

I can't imagine that any darts made out of paper are as good as stefans. For starters, they have to have almost no wieight...which poses problems if you want to shoot over five feet. Next, how can they possibly make a good seal with the barrel? As they must be easily bent, I doubt that there's any good barrel for them.
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#3 Ronster



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Posted 20 October 2005 - 08:48 PM

Its probablly just a typo, don't worry about it.
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#4 PissBacon



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Posted 20 October 2005 - 09:14 PM

I've made paper darts before, though I wouldn't dream of shooting people with them. They were just a section of a circle cut out and rolled into a cone, taped and weighted. Pretty crazy ranges when I added a tail to them (bic pen ink part jammed in).
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#5 Shotty Master

Shotty Master


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Posted 21 October 2005 - 03:25 PM

Actually, this gives me an idea. What if one were to take a thumbtack and pin half of a paper cylinder to the bottom of a stephan. the paper would, i n theory expand under the pressure, creating an excellent seal. Just my $0.02.
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#6 1313



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Posted 21 October 2005 - 07:22 PM

http://www.tomshiro....art/primer.html Thats what he was probably talking about, and if you make them right they hurt pretty bad, and they do go pretty far. And plus the ammo is dirt cheap/free.
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#7 LordoftheRing434



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Posted 21 October 2005 - 10:01 PM

I gave them a shot a few years back, before I learned about stefans. Basically, I found that they sucked; however, I used them in indoor wars with a PC. I would stuff 3 little darts in each barrel, charge and rain hell on whoever I was playing with. Aside from shotgun darts, it's not worth it.

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