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Lb Mod!

Singled w/ pics

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Posted 02 October 2005 - 12:59 PM

Okay. A while ago I asked if anyone had modded the LB, and ompa said that he had routed five pieces of vinyl to one barrel. I've essentially done the same, but with a breech-load system. I know that the pics are bad quality, but you can see what's going on anyways.

An inside look
I know it looks really messy, because I kinda just grabbed some random shit laying around and glued it in, and then realized that it made the coupler extremely stable, and gave me three additional ammo holders (there are actually four on the gun).

A barrel holder
It's made out of one of the arrow holders from an X-bow, taped tighter to just fit around the taped part of the barrel.

Barrel in Holder

In firing position


And the welt I gave him
And this was after half an hour :lol:

It gets 80-90' with decent darts. It uses an 8" 9/16" brass barrel with 2" of 17/32 stuffed in the back. It might get more with a longer barrel, but it got less with a foot of 9/16 and 2" of 17/32. I haven't tried a 10" barrel, but I can, using the breech!

Questions, Comments, Put-downs? And are the pics too big?


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