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Easier Way To Make Bacon Darts

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Posted 30 September 2005 - 03:38 PM

Now here is the link for my inspiration http://nerfhaven.com...3&hl=bacon dart . So you ask how I can make it easier well I made a template to make perfect spiral grooves in it every time. I made it with
- A piece of cpvc (or something else depending on dart size but I use micros)
- A dremal
- A piece of paper
- Tape
- Protractor and ruler

-Ok so what I did is this I took the piece of paper and the protractor and made a 10-degree angle on it.
-Then I took the ruler made a mark a quarter of an inch over and drew another 10-degree angle on it on that mark.
-Then I cut the piece of paper down to fit around the outside of the piece of cpvc.
-I then taped it there an used a dremal to cut on the lines and on the top to get a space in there that is 1 inch long (this measurement depends on length of the dart I use 1 and a quart so thatís what I use) a quarter of an inch thick and at a 10 degree angle.
- Then all you do is put a dart in and use a high melt glue gun to burn in the edge then rotate it so the template is on the other side of the dart and you are finished, you now have a spiraled dart. This should improve accuracy.

Note 10 degrees may be too little and tests are still being conducted.
Please give me your thoughts comments and questions.
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