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Helpful Tips For Those Starting Out.

A helpful guide for new members.

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#1 Bad Karma

Bad Karma


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Posted 08 September 2005 - 10:33 AM

I've been wanting to write a guide on starting out in nerf. I am wanting some input from nerfers with experience. I think it's a good idea to get a collage of thoughts and helpful tips for those who have no idea how to get started in nerf. I don't have time for pointless posts. So please put some thought behind it. I would really appreciate your suggestions.

-Your loving BK

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#2 cxwq



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Posted 08 September 2005 - 11:07 AM

Good topic and great idea!

Four things every newb should know about modding:

All that matters in barrel selection is how it fits your darts. Do yourself a favor and buy enough FBR to last a nerfing career, then mod your guns to match. Take a dart to the store and try everything you can find to see how it fits. The FBR you buy tomorrow will probably not match the FBR you bought today and it will piss you off if you have to re-mod your arsenal.

Steel/copper bbs are inadequate as stefan weights except in low-powered guns. Get .25" steel slingshot ammo from Wal Mart and it will work great in everything from an NF to an AT2k to a Crossbow.

Spring guns do not work well unless you have either a relatively short, tight fitting barrel or a nested brass barrel. Pick one depending on your darts and the power of the gun you're modding. Nested brass is an easy choice for high powered guns.

No amount of modding instruction can substitute for curiosity, creativity, and experimentation.
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#3 The Infinite Shindig

The Infinite Shindig


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Posted 08 September 2005 - 11:31 AM

Reporting Ranges

A few points:

1. Unlike women, we can measure.:lol: Don't lie about the ranges you are getting.

2. When measuring use a tape measure or some other reliable means.

3. It is best to test at a flat angle parallel to the ground. Some people have a tendency to make a 45 degree arc to maximize their stats. The problem with this is then any measurements at 45 degrees aren't practical for a Nerf war.

4. Realistically, you should figure out what is your effective range. This means the distance could you land a body shot. For the most part, lower leg or shoe hits are just lucky.

5. A range test consists of several shots, not just one. I would recommend at least 5 shots and then taking the average. The more shots taken, the more accurate your average is. Nerf guns are not consistent, so knowing your short shot, long shot, and medium shot are important.

6. We know when you are lying.
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#4 Bad Karma

Bad Karma


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Posted 08 September 2005 - 11:35 AM

Some things I have noticed about new members. Is that they seem to think they need to be in a clan or start one right off. What you should do is

A. Tell your friends, get your get people into it.

B. Just Nerf, don't worry about clans and crap...Just nerf. See if you like it's about having fun.

C. Only get a clan together once you found a group that you click with. It's always good to make sure you get along with your fellow clan members.

All in all, just nerf....don't worry about clans til you get more experience.

Take advantaged of the internet. It's not just a social hour. It's a great tool to learn from. That's what we are here for. Don't feel like you haft to comment on every little thing. I know I lerked at bot NHQ and NH for awhile. I lerked at NHQ for a couple of months. It was at least a year of lerking before I ever posted here. I'm not saying you should wait that long. But READ the forums before you start posting. That means look back to the first topics on page one....Your answer may be found there.

It takes awhile to become a true informed nerfer. I've been nerfing for over 2 years and I still think of myself as a newb.

Don't be affraid to ask questions....But please put some thought behind it. Newbs have a tendancy to say what's on their mind without thinking much. Take the time to research your question BEFORE you start making topics. Don't abuse the forums. Because you won't gain any respect with any of use.

Enough about the internet, that's why we have a code of conduct. By the way if you haven't had a chance to read them. Please do.

Guns, lot's of guns. You can never have enough. The beauty of nerf is the fact that it doesn't cost an arm and leg to do. Don't be affraid to hack it up, rip it apart, or take things from other guns to make it your own. New and inventful idea's are what made nerf what it is...so let's continue the spirit. Don't just become a carbon copy of someone elses work.

That's all I have for now.

EDIT: I thought of some more things....tee hee

Big wars are all well and good. But don't just go to those because "like OMFG lol, A nerf god is going to be there!". ...Smaller wars are much better.

yeah, I think I'm done for now...

- Your loving BK

...Thanks Shingy...I feel loved... :lol:

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#5 Pineapple


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Posted 08 September 2005 - 11:43 AM


The primary modification is rebarreling a blaster, and the most used method of attaching a new PVC/ brass/ PETG/ CPVC barrel is with glues or putties.

1) Hot Glue; Gives a quick-setting bond, but weak. Good for temporarily attaching barrels to blasters while preparing/ setting up epoxy. Great for creating an air-tight seal between barrels and plastic gun bodies when used SPARINGLY. And of course, it's the stuff you must have to make good Stefan darts.

2) Two part Epoxy; Personally, epoxy is my standard for attaching anything that requires some element of strength. Many different brands and claims, but the one I found that works great is PC-7 epoxy. You need proper work surfaces and preparation, but the bond from a good epoxy often is stronger than the material being bonded (i.e. plastic breaks before epoxy bond lets go). Can be a bit tricky to mix (requires a good eye to insure that both elements are properly blended), but the resultant bond is worth it.

3) Plumber's Goop; Another strong, flexible, airtight sealant/ bonder. Takes considerably longer for drying/ setting. Excellent sealing properties, with the added benefit of being slightly shock absorbent/ resilient, and strong enough to hold barrels in place. Nothing better for bonding air hoses/tanks to fittings/ repairing air powered blasters.

4) Contact Cement/ Super Glue/ All purpose cement; Some work, many don't....I started out trying different brands of 'other' glues...it's best to stick to what's been proven to work and use it, at least when first starting out.

Hope that might help some.


EDIT; spelling and added some.

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#6 Uncle Hammer

Uncle Hammer


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Posted 08 September 2005 - 04:34 PM

Good starting guns.

I see too many people make countless topics on which guns are the best to modify an which ones are the cheapest.

The at2k's and at3ks(airtech 2000's and airtech 3000's) are good starting guns and are fairly easy to modify. They have great ROF and range all in one and make a good primary for just about any new nerfer. The at2ks are sold in double back only at Target, and the at3ks are sold in double packs only at Toys r'us.

For sidearms, the NF is the biggest bang for the buck at about 5 dollars a pop. They are fairly easy to modify and get great ranges. Any new nerfer should defineitly get one of those as it is the basis of almost any spring gun, new or old. You can learn many a things from this 5 dollar pistol. Great begining gun to mod.

Other noteables
Tech Target- Found anywhere that sells nerf
Maverick- Found anywhere that sells nerf
Big Bad bow- Toys r' us
Lanard blast Bazooka-Toys r' us, dollar store

*All guns listed are currently out on the market. All guns are under 25 dollars.
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#7 euphemism



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Posted 08 September 2005 - 05:19 PM

TOOLS ('n stuff):

1. needle nose pliers
2. phillips and flathead screwdrivers (flatheads more for prying than screws)
3. a good saw, preferably a hacksaw or coping saw
4. hot glue gun
5. drill or even better a dremel
6. something to hold screws and other small parts
7. file
8. PVC shears (you can just use a saw though)
9. clothes drier, blow drier or heat gun
10. scissors
11. duct tape and electrical tape
12. bands and bungees
13. x-acto knives

add any more you can think of
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#8 LordoftheRing434



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Posted 08 September 2005 - 08:35 PM

Nerf Gun Maintenance

Spring Guns

It's always a good idea to lubricate the plungershaft in a springer. You want easy travel for the plunger. The safest choice for this is silicone spray. Vaseline/other petroleum based lubricants have sometimes reportedly eaten away at the plungerhead. If the spring is old and worn out, a replacement spring is also a good option to keep the gun in working order. Also, check to make sure that your trigger spring isn't bent. If so, there are various pen-springs I have found that are ideal.

Pump Guns

It's important to make sure you have a good air seal from the tank to the barrel. Whether this calls for a new o-ring, some extra hot glue, epoxy, plumber's goop, etc., it is wise to keep your seal in good condition. If you suspect a leak, pump the gun in water. Air bubbles will appear and will point out exactly where the leak is. If you plug the over-pressure release valve, check once and a while to make sure it's plugged. There have been times where the hot glue on my 1500's pump has fallen off. Check for damage in hoses, and plug accordingly. Check for holes around the barrels, and plug as needed. This goes back to your seal.

By performing routine maintenance, your blasters may not break as frequently. And I'm spent...anyone else on maintenance?

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#9 JSkater



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Posted 08 September 2005 - 08:42 PM

I've seen this on too many new Nerf sites:

"Don't mess with me unless you're ready to die" or something along the lines of exaggerating Nerf to a point where you can "kll someone". You can't kill someone with Nerf darts. Ever.

Unless they're thumbtack stefans with poison on them or some wierd shit like that.
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#10 NinjZ



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Posted 08 September 2005 - 09:42 PM

- Dont come on to the boards trying to be some big shit.
- Dont post any mods without pictures as it is useless and no one will read it or really understand what you even meant.

Thats all I can think of that hasnt been already posted.
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#11 Bad Karma

Bad Karma


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Posted 08 September 2005 - 10:06 PM

Ok, I just want everyone to keep in mind. This isn't just about the Boards. But thanks, y'all are being a big help.

- Your loving BK
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#12 leftnut



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Posted 10 September 2005 - 05:32 PM

Don't hit on BK, it never turns out good :)

If you are talking about a long range gun never say loser as it, for the most part, ends in an argument as many people feel it is not possible to be a "loser" or "eat shit" in nerf.

When modding a gun use a camera to take pictures of the internals before you rip it apart, it is never fun to finish a mod and then realize you don't know how to put everything together.

- Your poker addicted Testicle
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#13 rylundo



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Posted 15 September 2005 - 06:08 PM

Read this, made by the one and only uber post whore Ompa!

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