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Secret Shot 2 Mod

Because I can

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#1 ompa



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Posted 11 July 2005 - 12:36 PM

First, I take no credit for this, as it may have been done before.

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The Secret Shot 2, the gun that could be considered the hand-cannon of Nerf. I used a pvc coupler, some tape, and some glue for this mod, as well as a dremel (as usual). First, you want to open your gun up.

Posted Image

Next, you’re going to want to take the entire chamber/barrel assembly out, and make the cut around the line shown. While you’re at it, take out the pump and plug the overpressure release valve, which is the hole shown.

Posted Image

You’re going to want to trim the casing so that you can place a barrel out front: you can’t exactly see it in the picture, but it’s circled- there’s a small ridge that sticks up that’s circled. The black thing is a coupler; I used it in a mod a while ago, but took the gun apart.

Posted Image

Then, you’re going to want to cut out that restrictor, but make sure you leave the little “o” on it, here’s a picture.

Posted Image

Next, wrap some tape around that barrel stub (but not ALL the way to the chamber, as the chamber rests in the gun with the barrel sticking out past a small ledge- you’ll see what I mean when you try to put it in). Then, glue the coupler onto the taped barrel stub, and it should actually fit right into that little nook that looks about the same length as a coupler.

Once you have all the taping and gluing down, put the gun back into the case, and secure the coupler, via glue or something.

Posted Image

Then seal it all up, and make a barrel of your choice. I use approximately a 9 inch sch80pvc barrel with a small back insert of 2 inches of 17/32. I use nested barrels with my air guns because for some reason my darts are too loose in 9/16 brass, but tight in 17/32. I have an odd size, so I nest to get a similar effect. Anyways, if your darts fit fine in 9/16 brass, you could use about 10 inches of that nested in pvc as well, which would go on the coupler.

Posted Image

Well, you’re all done, you should be able to get around 100’ flat with this thing when you’re done, using 8-10 pumps. I know it’s not exact, but I only have one or two working stefans at the moment (lost the rest of them) and am too lazy to walk back and forth to get multiple, exact, measurements.

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#2 CustomSnake202



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Posted 11 July 2005 - 01:04 PM

Nice SS2 writeup. It's a good idea to put a coupler in that thing in case you want to use different barrels (I should have done that).

-Oh, and if you're having trouble with you darts fitting in one of those barrels, you could always make zero's for your SS2. That way you can make the colar of craftfoam fit perfectly in the 9/16 brass. I only used zero's in my SS2 back in the day, and I was getting 132' with no more than a 10 degree angle and up to 150' angled.
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