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Mods In The Making, You Guys Have Never Seen

NEWB! canadian guy with dremel and huge

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Posted 21 July 2005 - 11:30 AM

For the most part, it helps to actually MAKE something before giving it a threatening-sounding name, promising to have it shoot certain distances, and such. Otherwise you'd have to change your sig to "Fear the Reaper's Theories and Vivid Imagination." :lol: Just kidding.

Were I in your situation, I'd take your little brother's SuperMaxx 5000, fix it up like Black Wrath's one, then you would have a weapon worthy of being pretty gnarly. You'd probably not be able to use it much in any of your organized wars, though. I know I don't with mine.

But for "Assassins"? Most guys I know that play similar games on campus are using NiteFinders, TechTarget Blasters, or AT 2000s. How you would conceal a big 'ol monster weapon is beyond any of my guesses.

...the second somebody gets on a computer they feel invincible behind their keyboard, its not cool.

It really isn't cool. If you heeded your own advice you'd probably have to defend yourself a lot less.

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It's to bad you live in hawaii I bet there are not many wars there.Wait what am I saying<b> you live in hawaii you lucky bastard.</b>

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