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Your Pistol And You

Pistols from the guy who knows them best

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Posted 04 June 2005 - 06:31 PM

Your Pistol and You

The key to success in a war is the option to adapt to most situations. Your most versatile option is your pistol. Size, power, accuracy, and comfort are all important in picking your sidearm. Your sidearm needs to be the right size for you, not to big, not to small. It also is good to have a bit of range with your sidearm; however, it doesnít have to be extremely powerful. Comfort is also key; a pistol that is uncomfortable is useless.

My Recomendations:
For a person who likes rushing, a SPLITFIRE would help.
For a person who needs an accurate second shot, a NITEFINDER is excellent
For a person who needs a high rate of fire secondary, the MAVERICK is the way to go.

Now that we have the basics behind selection, letís talk bout care. Your pistol should be treated like a powerful ally. Your Sidearm is your last resort in a battle. It needs to be kept at 100% performance at ALL times. To do this, it is good to clean it from top to bottom monthly. You should wipe the case off, re-oil the springs, and clean any goop from your plunger. If you do this, your gun will not fail you.

Finally, a pistol is useless unless used properly and often. To become familiar with your weapon, use it on a regular basis (about once a week).
Take care of your pistol, and it WILL take care of you.
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