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Range, Accuarcy, And Rate Of Fire

Which is more Important?

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#26 footemps



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Posted 31 May 2005 - 05:33 PM

Okay... I think that you guys are going at this the wrong way...

I think I'll redefine the terms first for better analysis... (in a purely technical matter)

VELOCITY: Speed of the dart coming from the barrel, directly affects range, also can affect properties pretaining to soft cover. I figured velocity is better than range for discussion because TIS brought up standing behind a bush and seeing the darts get caught. The velocity of the dart is a lot more plausible to talk about because then you can consider range and power of the shot.

RATE OF FIRE: I'm keeping rate of fire because there it is the best way of describing how fast you can shoot off multiple shots.

CONSISTENCY: Accuracy is more of a user related topic. The consistency of the nerf gun is what makes accuracy better. If you clamp the nerf to a bench, you should hope that it hits the same point every shot given the same conditions. Not all nerfs are capable of this. For example, rf20 vs xbow.

If you're looking for certain performance in a nerf gun, you should look at it from the pure technical aspect. Don't talk about, "user b can reload his xbow x fast while user a can turn his at2k turret and pump y fast," when comparing guns. Doing so will only bring it to a point of user competence and preference. If we compare ever nerf equally in a set condition we can see that there are set categories each nerf falls into. ..

Single shot, multiple shot, long-range (high velocity), short-range (low velocity), and mid-range (middle velocity)

If you think about it, it's two different teirs of categories, one includes rate of fire, and the other includes velocity. And if you think more, there is a direct relation between velocity and rate of fire for most nerf guns (not like an FAR or 3dbbq home mades). If we take a couple extremes we can see the relation.

RF20: high capacity shot automatic, low velocity, poor consistency
Powerclip: middle capacity automatic, middle velocity, moderate consistency
Crossbow: singe fire, high velocity, good consistency

Our three nerf guns each exhibit a different play behavior. The RF20 is a "pray and spray" strategy that involves a high density of shots within an area. It has horrible spread and only is effect at 20' to 40' depending on mods. The Powerclip is a step up. Though it isn't an at3k, it still has moderate ranges that are better than the rf20. It has less shots but that means more air per shot resulting in better velocity. It also doesn't have as bad of shot spread. Then the Crossbow is the complete opposite of both of those. It has a single shot permanent barrel with a strong spring and high air volume. That means there will be better consistency over moving barrels or clips and a longer range due to the high velocity resulting from high compression and high volume.

All of those nerfs have good qualities and usefulness in different scenarios. Rate of fire won't get you jack squat if your darts fall 10 feet short and velocity doesn't mean anything if you are battling within 10 feet. The effectiveness of each attribute is really based upon play style and scenario. losers wouldn't want RF20s and rushers wouldn't want a titan. Balanced players who play the whole field need balanced guns to fit their needs. There really is no better attribute, it's all about how well the attributes fit into your style of play.

I personally prefer consistency, decent velocity, and higher rate of fire for my play style...

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Posted 31 May 2005 - 07:22 PM

If i had to pick a gun with two of the said factors being average and one being well above average i would make the ROF above average. Range is good but when you have a long-range gun you have a tendency to keep a good distance from your opponent, the farther away you are from your opponent the more time he has to dodge your shot. The same goes with accuracy. If you are farther away, they can dodge even the most accurate gun. If you are closer you can hit them but if you miss they can rush you. With above average ROF they can still dodge your shots but more ROF means more shots. If you keep shooting you will eventually hit your opponent. Another reason i favor ROF is i hate being rushed. When you can reload your gun in 1 second no sane person will want to rush you unless they have a death wish.
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#28 The Infinite Shindig

The Infinite Shindig


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Posted 31 May 2005 - 07:47 PM

TIS, the last section of your post explains why its useless arguing about this unless you're talking about a general situation.

Well I would first like to point out that it's nice to see you posting in GND Merlinski; welcome home.

In reference to your comment, that was my underlying point. Much of the reason why I fronted the argument is that each element has the upper hand in a variety of situations. To me, it seemed as though one could be rationalized in only a small subset of situations, and I decided that showing just a variety of variables at play would be sufficient for my argument. I felt the need to adequitely prove wrong a member who was coming off as brash. The last paragraph was my main point.

If I can't carry a clear point like you, sorry. We don't all go to Brown. :D

Nerf on.
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#29 the essence of death

the essence of death


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Posted 14 August 2007 - 11:59 PM

honestly just like if found through my experience paintballing...your equipment should depend on your style of play, i usually use a longshot with a nf spring inserted and a front gun integration (rarely used due to a failed ar removal) and my only problem with it is i broke the charging handle so it falls off if i try to work it too fast but it has nice range (100 ft with good streamlines) and can easily hit a human sized target out to around 65 ft while keeping a reasonable rate of fire, and if things get to close for that i simply stow my rifle and resort to my sidearm which at the moment is a stock scout pistol so all there is to selecting your equipment/mods is figuring out what your personal play style is
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Posted 15 August 2007 - 12:54 PM

essence of death,

Please don't post in topics that have not seen activity in awhile. Two members posted for you not to, but I went ahead and am making this official.

Old topics are usually done by members who are long gone, and oftentimes the information may be outdated or no longer relevant. This discussion was of subject matter that was all relative; there were no right or wrong answers, and it was dependent on the style and type of play (indoor or outdoor Nerf) of each individual.

You seem sincere, though you've dug up several old topics already. Most of them have something to do with your paintball exploits. That's nice, but if you want, you should start up some of your own discussions rather than posting in old topics.

Thank you in advance.

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