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Life Is Full Of Coincidences

And Nerf is No Exception

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Posted 09 May 2005 - 11:01 AM

Well not really anything of valuable contribution, so I figured Off-Topic is the way to go, but anyway its sort of a funny little incident.

For my first mod (nested brass barrel for NF) I was looking everywhere for some brass, I found a couple places, but they would have needed to order it, and I'm a very impatient person so I ended up calling a bunch of places seeing if they had it in stock. By happenstance one place recommended me to another, who recommended me to yet another. Anyways this place happened to have a few sections in stock and I plan to go today to pick up my reserved sections.

Simoultaneously and somewhat independently I've recently been scouring local thrift stores for old Nerf guns (can't wait until summer garage sales get in full swing), with no luck so far. However, in a somewhat parallel manner one owner of a thrift store tolled me of some stores called Children's Orchards which sell children's used clothes etc. as well as maybe selling used toys (bingo).

I was looking online for the best route to each when I realized something. They are both at the same address! As in 446 Boston Rd, Billerica. Holy crap! Talk about one stop shopping huh?
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