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Poll: Which one gets better ranges?

Which one gets better ranges?

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#1 SwitchbladeatJM



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Posted 08 May 2005 - 06:24 PM

I don't know which one does, but I'm about to mod my sm750. I would like the best ranges possible on this. I might even try to quad-barrel it for better ROF. Has any one tried it before ;) ? Thanks.
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#2 MattPaintballer



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Posted 08 May 2005 - 06:31 PM

PVC is for megas, PETG is for micros. I'd say PVC and then if you want to shoot micros, wrap the front and back of the PETG in electrical until it fits in the PVC.

Edit: Oh, and I've never seen a quad-barrel SM750, but that would be just like an SM1500. I've seen a double barrel PETG SM750 though.

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#3 torch



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Posted 09 May 2005 - 08:56 AM

Petg will get better rang because it shoots micros and has less friction than pvc.
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#4 Half Newb Half Nerfer

Half Newb Half Nerfer


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Posted 09 May 2005 - 09:42 AM

I voted PETG because it fits micro steffans better. I used 1/2"PVC and it doesn't fit micro steffans well at all.

But if you had any barrel meterial available, I would go with brass. And what makes that good is actualy the friction. Why the friction is good is that there is enough to keep the dart in the barrel for awhile after you pull the trigger, allowing air to build up behind the darts, therefore propelling it further. You can nest brass inside of 1/2"PVC with a little help from electrical tape and hot glue.

Good luck with you SM750 modification!
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#5 cxwq



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Posted 09 May 2005 - 10:28 AM

Moved to mods...

As already stated, PVC fits nerf micros and stefan megas.

PETG fits stefan micros.

Most people these days use stefan micros because they tend to get better range.
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#6 Phantom



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Posted 12 May 2005 - 04:44 PM

Well, I have never used a petg modded gun, but from what i've heard, its a lot better than pvc.
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