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Making Cwc War Better


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Posted 02 May 2005 - 02:51 PM

After just coming back from a 45-minute war at my freinds house, I began to wonder if I could make it even better. Here's a recap;-

We play a 2 v 2, 5 life, east-coast style war.

My neighbor © and his freind (N) headed out into the woods, armed with 2 AT2Ks (one tri-barrelled, one singled), and 2 NFs, one with a 12-round bandolier. After about 10 minutes, me(S), and C's little brother, D, headed out after them. I was armed with my newly acquired PC, RF20, and NF with an 8-round stripper clip. D was armed wiht a CPVC'd Mav, and a singled AT2K.

Once we spotted them, I dropped to my knee and fired all of my rounds for my NF at them. They all missed. D split off to the left in order to flank them. However, C and N spotted him and ran off. I followed D, and we ended up flanking them to the start point. I crept up behind C and N, and then rushed them with my PC. I twisted backwards, and unloaded it at N. Only 1 round hit. C and N took off, and split up. I ditched my PC, and took off after N, who had went to the left. C and N, however, had regrouped, and were walking along a stream toward my right. A 15-foot thick wall of 5 ft. high brambles seperated me from them. So, I walkied perpendicular to them on the other side of the briars. They were about 60' ahead of me, and didn't notice. They suddenlt crossed a stream, and I hear D firing at them. So, I pick my RF20 up(my last gun) kiss it for luck, and run through the brambles. I see D on an island in the middle of the stream, and C and N on the other side. The only way across is across an old, half-underwater log.

I hear C cry out "Crap!". D had got a hit. C and N start walking away form us, and I see my chance. I run up, past D, and walk across the log. C, who's in back, turns around to get a face full of foam. 1 down. N turns, and fires his At2K. Luckily, a pronged brach was rihgt in front of me, and the round hits it, and bounces off. I jump around the right side of it, and unload the rest of the ammunition in my RF20 at point blank. It was over. I had single-handedly killed the enemy wihtout sustaining any hits. It was THE most fun outside war I have ever been to.

Anyway, the whole area is basically woods with about 2-4 large ponds dispersed throughout. There is a dirtbike trail going through about half of it, and lots of ditches, fallen down trees, and, in general, cover. So, my question is-how do I make it better? During the summer, we'll be able to have more people over, so it'll be more like 3v3-5v5. What type of game would be best? What style rules would be best? What number of life would be best? Should there be bases?

These are the questions I'm asking you. Our clan has 5 automatics, about 10 NFs, about 10 AT2Ks, and 2-4 super soaker-modified loser rifles, along with randomly assorted other weapons. I'm thinking 3 life, East Coast, Bases, CTF. However, I would really appreciate your imput. The CWC thanks you,

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Posted 02 May 2005 - 08:23 PM

Sweet story. It sounds like fun. By the way that park sounds you wouldn't need to make it any better. I can't find a good nerfing ground any where. So I am forced to nerf in my backyard which really sucks. Anyway it depends on what you and your team think would be the best, but in my opinion I play two lives five shots to kill somebody. I start with two bases (more like starting points) and I take a signal for starting the war. I use a eight inch piece of 3/4 PVC pipe as a horn sort of thing. Then we usually wander around until we find each other. We usually stalk each other to get stealth kills or have close range dog-fights. Well I hope this helps.


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