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Big Bad Bow

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#1 Fragner



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Posted 29 March 2005 - 05:29 PM

Just got a BBB and was wondering what kind of mods to put on it. I already pulled out the air restrictor, but still want more range :P I'm pretty new to the more hardcore nerf scene, so keeping advice in newb-friendly terms would be appreciated :lol:
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#2 Jakethesnake



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Posted 29 March 2005 - 05:39 PM

Aye, I second that, some good advice on what to do would be appreciated, I've searched, but I just want a few pointers on the thing before I go in and tear it apart.
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#3 Airsoft999



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Posted 29 March 2005 - 07:45 PM

Well, there are many possible mods. NOTE: All barrel materials mentioned are sold in different increments, but any barrel I mention, you'll want to buy with a 1/2" measurement, unless mentioned differently.

1.) Find a suitable barrel- you'll want about ten inches of whatever you need. If you are using stock micros, or mega stefans, use SCH40 PVC (found in most hardware stores) If you use micro stefans, use PETG, CPVC, SCH80 PVC, copper, or brass. If you use brass, nest 3.5 inches of 17/32" in 10 inches on 9/16" brass. Then, cut down/hollow out the barrel, and glue/stick your barrel onto the stub or push it into the original barrel. Then make sure it is airtight. Use a ramrod to load the dart.

2.) Cut down all but 1/2"-1" of the original barrel. Wrap the stub in tape, until a coupler fits snug on it. The coupler should be glued on airtight. Make sure the coupler fits the barrel material you choose to use, i.e. copper coupler for copper, PVC coupler for all PVC and brass, and CPVC coupler for CPVC. The barrel you choose to use should be the same as what I mentioned in mod 1. However, don't glue the barrel into the coupler- you WANT the barrel to be removable to increase ROF. To reload, take the barrel out of the coupler, and push the dart into the back of the barrel, and then put the barrel back in.
** For brass and a PVC coupler, put the brass inide some PVC so the PVC fits in the couper. Brass does not fit in a coupler by itself.

3.) Cut down the barrel like in mod 2. This mod is only for if you are using micro stefans or stock micros. Then, insert a hollowed out crayola marker in the stub for stock micros, or 4 inches of 17/32" brass in the stub for micro stefans. Make it airtight. Then glue a PVC coupler around the brass. Then make a barrel extension out of 10 inches of SCH40 PVC (stock micros) or 10 inches of 9/16" brass inside 6 inches of SCH40 PVC. To load, push your dart into the smaller constricted barrel (the marker) and then slide the barrel extension over the crayola or 17/32" brass and into the coupler.

4.) Make a breech, as shown in Zero's breech design in the Homemades section of this site.

I'd not recommend no. 1 for its slow reload, but the other three are all good choices. Pictures and more thorough directions can be found by searching around the forums and on Google. You can PM me if you have any more questions.
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