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A Homemade Nerf Full Auto

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Posted 27 March 2005 - 06:48 PM

My father and I have been working some time on an effective bb full auto and a similiar design that incorporates some type of nerf projectile, which appears to be reusable paintballs at this point. The deisgn is based of the m19a larc, a very simple,continous air gun that used bb's at the bottom of a clip to be essentially spit out at ~400 FPS. You may have also seen the recent strafer design that is a rip off of the larc only using compressed air instead of freon, although compressed air adaptors were common for the larc. Thirst among many others have been working in parralell to discover an effective design that's simple enough to be made in a basement. Anyone have any other design ideas they're like to share? Maybe using leaf blowers?

The patent # is 4083349
go here and type it in


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