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Pulling It All Together

August 06, 2003

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Posted 22 March 2005 - 12:29 PM

Pulling it All Together

Today is the day. It could be your first Nerf war ever, or a new beginning in your Nerfing days. Youíve bought the gun you wanted to use, modified it to perfection, and made of your darts. Your buddies are at the war waiting for you, and then it smacks you in the head. ďThis isnít that serious. Iím here to have fun.Ē

The war goes on like any other, but this time you are prepared. Youíve read the all the content you could, and probably been to All Evil at least two dozen times. This is where the real fun begins. You must balance the competitiveness of Nerf, with that fact that you are trying to have fun while doing it. This is where instincts meld with what you have learned. When it comes to Nerf, you canít just read about it and become good. Being a feared Nerf warrior on the battlefield takes a meld of experience and knowledge.

Articles do help. By reading articles, you are reading tips from some of the most seasoned Nerfers out there. Theyíve been through a lot and you can learn a lot. This will not get you through everything. Time on the battlefield is what makes a player good. Experience inside of you builds your abilities and talent. We are here to ďfine tuneĒ those abilities. You canít read a book about baseball and become an All-Star Pitcher; much is the same with Nerf. One cannot read a website of Editorials on Nerf Tactics and suddenly become the best Nerfer in the country.

When you are on the battlefield, be mindful of what you are doing to a point. The idea is to take what you know and what you have learned and use them to turn yourself into a better player. Donít expect this to be an overnight change, but more of a process. When you are out on your own or with a team, flow with how the war is going. Learn how to take advantage of certain situations. Thinking on your feet is the biggest suggestion I can give.

Remember, you do this to have fun and shoot your buddies every once in a while. This isnít a sports competition were the winner goes home with a big trophy. Let your Nerf experience develop into its own style. Be your own Nerfer. Take editorial advice in stride. It will not determine the kind of Nerfer that you are. Have fun, customize this to yourself, and think on your feet.

The Infinite Shindig
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