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Spoon's Method Of Super Charging Nerf Guns

By Spoon - Date Unknown

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Posted 17 March 2005 - 10:24 PM

Spoon's Method of Super charging Nerf Guns


1. Large rubber bands (you can buy a bag of huge bands from the dollar store)

2. Screwdrivers necessary to open up your weapons if need be.

3. Some duct tape.

4. You may need an electric drill and drill bits to perform a part of the second example.

5. The will to have a really powerful Nerf gun.


The basic idea is this, most Nerf guns that are at all worth using, except for a few exceptions, use the handle cocking system to compress the air and fire the dart. Since most of these cocking mechanisms are handles you pull back, why not make them compress the air with more force?

How you ask? Why you loop rubber bands around the gun and handle in a way that the handle compresses the air much more forcefully when you pull the trigger. In case your wondering what I'm talking about read on! I will explain several ways to do this, and even go through some examples of the process step by step. If you are pretty clear on the agenda however, you may want to skip ahead to the examples.


1. The Single Band Method- This method uses one very long rubber band. You loop the band through the eye of the handle. You then take the two ends of the band and loop them around either the barrel, or some other protrusion so that the band is very tight even when the gun is not cocked. When you cock the gun, the band should stretch to almost it's maximum since it is bent in half because it's looped through the eye of the handle. When you fire the gun, the band should snap the handle back much faster and therefore cause the dart to go further with more power.

2. The Multiple Band Method- This method uses ordinary sized rubber bands and is meant for people who don't have large bands. Method #1 is more effective, since this method is harder to get equally good results with. The procedure is as follows: First, take three ordinary size rubber bands, then you must loop them together in a certain way, it is a bit hard to explain, but I'll try anyway. Take the largest band of the three, this will be your center bands, the other two should be a tiny bit smaller but roughly equal with each other. Take one of the smaller bands, and loop it around one edge of the center band in a way so that the smaller band is bent in half, with the center band's edge in the middle of the fold. Do the same thing with you other small band, but on the other side of the center band. You should now have a unfolded larger center band, with a smaller band bent in half over the larger one's edge, on each side. Now loop the bands through the eye of the handle as described in the first method, so that the middle of the center band is looped through the eye. Then loop both ends of each smaller band around the barrel or other protrusion as described in the first method. As a result, you should get the same thing as in method one, but with three smaller bands.

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