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Powerclip Rubber Banding

what purpose do the rubber bands serve

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#1 mason



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Posted 11 April 2003 - 07:08 PM

ok, some people say banding increases just ROF, some say range, and some say both. It seems like it is increasing range because it is letting the air move faster and harder (which would increase distance) and actually decreasing ROF (Because the air is moving too fast for the piston to catch up) What does rubber banding a PC really do
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#2 Black Scout

Black Scout


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Posted 24 April 2003 - 02:20 PM

I did the band mod and it did absolutely nothign except that it pushed the air out so fast that the piston didn't actually go back and forth. it just stayed in the forward position and made a long farting whoosh sound. Maybe i suck at modding but i'm happy with it just the way it is.
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#3 Spoon



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Posted 24 April 2003 - 02:47 PM

Black Scout: Yea you may suck at modding, it sounds like you had WAY too many bands on there. Or a broken PC.

Mason: You've got it backwards there actually. Banding you're PC's bladder will increase rate of fire and have virtually NO effect on range. The reason for this is that the pressure of the air inside the bladder does NOT determine the pressure of the air blast to the dart. The pressure in the bladder drives the mechanism on top back and forth. Using a system of springs and valves inside that mechanism, the reciprocating (back and forth) motion creates an air burst that goes to the dart. Therefore, increasing bladder pressure will increase the rate that the mechanism moves back and forth, which increases rate of fire. However the air burst pressure will remain virtually the same. To increase range you'd need to somehow replace or strengthen the internal spring in the mechanism (which is impossible, since it's all completely fused together), or increase the resistance when the mechanism moves BACK. I tried using bands for this but it didn't work too well, rubber bands have a very pronounced resistance curve. What I mean by that is that their resistance to stretching varies widely according to how much it's already stretched. Whereas springs have pretty much the same resistance no matter how compressed they are.

I tried to make all of that understandable, but it's easier to show than explain.
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#4 Vassili



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Posted 24 April 2003 - 10:45 PM

Black Scout, what you probably did is put it back together wrong, where one of the tubes was bent too much, which meant not enough air could get to the piston and send it back and forth, only keep it forward. Also the piston could be off the little track it has.

What's better that rubber banding is bike tubing. Get a bike tube, cut like a 3 inch piece, and put it on the bladder. It definitely increases ROF, and I think there is a a little better range. I'm don't have enough time to go into detail, but unscrew the back of the bladder and take out all of the internals. Then slip the bike tube over the pump, piston, valves, and all that stuff and put it on the bladder. Trust me, it's a lot easier than dealing with the hose clamp. Just make sure you put all the tubing back in the right way.
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#5 LiKnSmAkScOmIn



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Posted 25 April 2003 - 01:49 PM

My pc had the exact same problem that made the air go whoosh and not have te gun work properly.One of the screws was loose.Are you sure that this isnt the reason Black Scout?
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