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New Valve

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#1 Vintage



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Posted 10 September 2004 - 07:53 PM

Ok, I have been working on a new homemade valve that releases much more air than the Zero valve. I finally have a working prototype, and the plans to make more. I thought I should post it, and make it an official submission to the site.

What you need:

1/4” OD metal tube
Stiff spring that has a loose fit over the rod
1/2"OD, 3/8"ID vinyl tubing
3/4" PVC tee
3/4" to 1/2" reducer bushing (x 2)
1/2" PVC threaded plug
1/2" OD, 1/4" ID rubber o-ring
Hose washer
1/2" Angled faucet gasket (Actual OD 3/4")
Plumber’s Goop


Take one reducer bushing and goop the hose washer on the 3/4" end. Make sure the washer is perfectly round. Goop the bushing into one of the cross-sections of the PVC tee.

Take the threaded plug and hacksaw off the lip section (the section that you hold onto when you screw it in.) Drill a 1/4" hole into the exact center of the plug and work the drill bit in the hole to enlarge it. You want the hole big enough for the tube to slide through without touching. Drop the rubber o-ring into the plug and make sure it aligns with the drilled hole. Cut a section of vinyl tubing to fit completely in the plug. Goop it into the plug, making sure it presses against the o-ring securely.

Take your threaded plug setup and goop it into the other reducer bushing making sure the hole in the plug is facing out.

Take your faucet gasket and drill a 1/4" hole into it. Use adjustable pliers to hold the gasket while you drill so you don’t hurt yourself if the drill skips. Goop the gasket onto the end of the tube with the angled side out. Put goop inside the gasket end of the tube to make it airtight.

Temporarily put the tube through the o-ring setup and put the setup into the other end of the PVC tee. Measure how long the spring will need to be to securely hold the gasket against the washer. Cut the spring to that size, plus a little for tension. Remove the o-ring setup from the PVC tee, and remove the tube from the o-ring setup.

Wait for everything to dry 24 hours.

Then slide the spring over the tube and replace it in the o-ring setup. Goop the o-ring setup in the PVC tee, and let it dry 24 hours. Spray the both sides with silicon spray, and you are done! To open the valve, pull the tube, and to close it, let go!

I know this sounds confusing, but this drawing should help out. I intend to take pictures of the process before I submit this to Cxwq.
Posted Image
Edit: The reducing bushing on the right side is to allow direct feed to a 1/2" PVC barrel. You could swap that bushing for regular 3/4" PVC if you want.

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Posted 11 September 2004 - 02:03 PM

heh, I'm not trying to discredit you or anything, but I've made that a valve similar to that before. My problems with it were the massive amounts of lube needed between the bevelled washer and the flat washer. It would continually leak right there at high pressures. Other thing, it took me forever to find a good spring for the valve. Also, I didn't use a T section, I used a straight section with a vinyl tube inserted in the back. Basically I just copied an A2k valve but with homemade parts. good job on the drawing, looks clean. I'm going to try your parts and see if I can get the leaking part fixed.

If you also have a leaking problem, I was also thinking of using a lubed up O-ring for contact with the flat washer. This will make a flat seal instead of a beveled seal which might work better. I'm gonna try that version also.

edit: I'm gonna try to make a bunch of different homemade valves, roughly the same volume with a PSI gauge attached, and compare ranges of the different valves. For example, zero valve, your valve, my valve, zero's keyring valve, all pressurised to the same PSI, hopefully the same volume, and compare. That would be a really interesting article wouldn't you say?

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#3 Vintage



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Posted 11 September 2004 - 03:45 PM

Yes, that would be very interesting. I had already finished my prototype when I posted, and it holds it's pressure fine. I have no leaks whatsoever. The trick is to keep the hose washer perfectly round when it is drying on the bushing, having the gasket perfectly centered/straight on the rod, and having a strong spring. Everything else is easy.

Well, I personally will use this valve on my next homemade, and we will see if I can get the same performance out of my second valve.

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