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Double QEV Nerf SN|PER V5

QEV Nerf airblaster

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Posted 30 May 2021 - 08:31 AM


Double QEV Nerf SN|PER V5

Based off my previous airblaster V4

(see link https://imgur.com/a/...GEsO92cyfrEIOnM

This is an improved, simplified version.  It features a basic airduster as the trigger to shoot. It is lighter and cheaper, but still just as powerful thanks to the enlarged air tank.

depending on how highly its pumped up, this can be VERY powerful

Cascading QEV blaster piloted by an air duster. Custom 3D printed body with single shot bolt action breech.  17/32 brass as barrel.



Id like to spend some time call out the shitty feature that is replacing the word 'sni per' with 'loser' and 'douche bag' with douchbag.

Last post was sabotaged from wesbites dodgy feature so Iv been forced to double post as im unable to edit the title inthe previous one which was ruined.  Shooting nerf darts far and accurate is NO longer a meme like it was back in 2010

 A special FUCK YOU to the mod thats slapped an ugly 'DO NOT TRADE' sticker on my profile years ago. I always have been fair and have been selling Nerf related good online for years. Would love to see the bad mods justification for that shit move.  


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