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More current or more voltage.

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Posted 24 December 2018 - 08:12 AM

I just finished rewiring an ecs12. I did 16awg and removed all the safeties and the circuit boards from the motors and the small trace circuit board in the blaster. Now I just hooked up the battery pack for the camera after disconnecting it from the camera that I never used. I hooked the other pack up in series and used 3 dummy aa batteries to up my voltage to roughly 7v using alkaline batteries. Now Im second guessing would it be better to wire the other pack in parallel to double the mAH capacity of the blaster and hopefully reduce the motor drop off when shooting? I was thinking 8aa batteries would offer decent mAH for a semi auto blaster. Just dont know if its worth it to open the blaster back up and redo the wiring to the battery packs. I know a LiPo would be better but dont need the highest performance just looking for a bit more and dont want to mess with LiPo dont like the risk of battery explosion and stuff if not wired right and dont have the proper safeties when my kids use these guns. Just looking to get a bit more umph out of the stocking blaster.
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Posted 25 December 2018 - 11:29 AM

Current is drawn by the motors, voltage is supplied by the power source. You want to keep the voltage at something the motors will use (usually 2/3s, 7-14v), and get the amperage as high as possible and also above what the motors are demanding.

For example, stock motors are assumed to draw ~10A each (20A for the pair), so your battery needs to be able to supply a minimum of 20A. LiPos have a safety rating for this (the C rating), where you can find what your batteries safely supply by converting pack capacity to amps (if in miliamps), then multiplying that by the C to get your draw capacity. Eg: a 1,000 mAh pack (1Ah) with 40 C can safely supply 40 amps continuously until it is empty,

NIMH dont really use C ratings because they are a safer but less dense chemistry. Alkalines are low power but wont fail either.
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