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Posted 17 November 2018 - 11:12 PM



Urban ops STL file released!



Hello, everyone on NH,I’ve been working on developing lately, so I diving for a while.

The developing of Urban ops started around this April. Here are some results that I would like to share.



The aesthetic of Urban ops is an old school combination of my wonderful visual and ergonomic experience from my childhood.


I’m inspired by these models:


  1. LNL pistol is a recommended pistol on NH. I like the appearance of the grip a lot. So, I integrated it into the flashlight mount with a touch of bright purple.



2.TECH TARGET: The extended look of the sight has a techy vibe to it. The ergonomic trigger is well designed, perfect for gun spinning tricks.



3.NiteFinder: When I got it, the blue and orange coloring made me feel like a detective,

probably because the police wear blue uniforms. Since the small size fits in a holster easily,

I was hoping that I could do the same with my design.


4.M1911 Grip Panel: This is a design that realized customization. Each panel could be unique,

so that the users can express their own style, making it worth collecting


5.BERETTA 93R: It was the folding stock that impressed me.

The look of BERETTA in Robot Cop is also quiet outstanding.


Other ideas:


  1. The color of Urban ops conveys a feeling of the night with purple and aqua blue.
    What’s interesting is that when we were taking photos of it, it merged into the night of the city.
  2. Muzzle brake 
    The sporty design of the muzzle brake consists of different tringles.
    Among guns designed specifically for competitions, a lot of them have a muzzle brake with geometric design.
    I didn’t make rounded hole because they are very common.




Actually, this is an old method of JSPB. In order to save space,

O-Ring is adopted in place of screws. It comes with 5R rifled barrels because it reduces the time of making.

Since a pentagon shaped rifling could be difficult to make without tools,

a STL file of the tool is thoughtfully provided! (Of course, a 6R one would be more accurate.)


  1. Single shot pistol
  1. The advantage of the single shot pistol is that it’s new player friendly.
  2. So far, we are focusing on optimizing the basic functions. Since some people are looking forward to the wheel, it is under development. The wheel would be compatible with JSPB Urban ops.
  3. You can keep it in your bag with you. Make nerf war a life style.


Folding stock connector


The folding stock connector is special because it is also a bottle opener.
Why? It’s all about catching up with friends. After a war, don’t go home straight away! Have some drink and chat!


Scope mount

Solid design, offers a steady and secure hold. Not shaky at all.


Urban ops Lite STL File Download here:


  1. Parts marked with “100fill” should be printed at 100%.
  2. Piston and piston rod should be printed with Pla2.0 or PETG
  3. Compatible [[[[k26]]] (For safety reasons, parts should be defect-less)



You will need:



1 O-Ring 22.1x3.5(inner)

3 O-Ring 17.8x2.4(inner)

1 O-Ring 2.8x1.9(inner)

1 Screw 5/32 X 1 1/4

4 Screw 4X12 mm

9 Screw 5/32 X 5/8

2 Screw 5/32 X 14

2 Screw 2X6 mm

2 Bolt & nut:  6x150 mm

5 Nut: 5/32

Gasket 36mm

Silicone grease

Fishing line

2 small Spring

1 Large Spring


How to make Urban ops:



Drink and battle:


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#2 Meaker VI

Meaker VI


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Posted 18 November 2018 - 10:12 AM

Half-heartedly shakes fist

Of course you publicly release this beauty’s files the same week I published my pull-back pistol!

Ah well, at lease mine is different in intent with the focus on the swappable barrels. I also must say I was aware of the urbanops when you first offered it for sale, and it, along with my research into reviving some of Boltsniper’s old stuff, inspired me to peruse the 1” plunger tube format.

Are you using 1” 200 PSI (thinwall) or 1” Sch 40?

What kind of FPS/range do you get?

Great work as always 3dBBQ
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Posted 18 November 2018 - 10:50 AM

HI! Meaker VI
This file release date is already scheduled,
coincidentally  everyone is releasing their new work at this time!
Swapable barrels are very creative,
Can this be replaced with a rival round or mega?
PVC Pipes is:
 CNS (Chinese National Standards)1298 
>>>>>What kind of FPS/range do you get?
60~72 (6kg spring)
75~110(12kg spring)
>>>>>Great work as always 3dBBQ 
Thank you!

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#4 Meaker VI

Meaker VI


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Posted 18 November 2018 - 11:04 AM

Yes, the barrels could be anything; Im hoping to make mega, Rival, sledgefire, and other shells. Im working on tightening the connection some more before starting work to make more types though.
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